Cabinet of Curiosity Announces Sea Change

Jun 14, 2021
Sea Change by Cabinet of Curiosity

Cabinet of Curiosity is proud to present Sea Change, an outdoor celebration exploring the power of the sea and the feminine divine. It is a series of wild, strange, lovely puppet shows written by emerging female playwrights and lyricists Liz Chidester, Kasey Foster, Bethany Thomas, and Lindsey Noel Whiting, with original musical compositions by Manae Hammond and Charlie Otto, additional text by Seth Bockley, and the searcher performed by Time Brickey. Giant puppets, mechanical devices, and original, live music weave together to create an evening of pageantry, puppetry, wonder and hope.

"Whale Song" by Lindsey Noel Whiting: A brief musical not about a man obsessed with killing a whale.

"A Mermaid's Tail (If There's a God)" by Bethany Thomas, with music and lyrics by Liz Chidester: The story of a mermaid, at "the end of her tail," grappling with existence in a world imagined by men.

"More" by Kasey Foster: A shark caught in a feeding frenzy gets some sound advice from The Moon.

"The Lookout" by Seth Bockley: It's lonely up in the crow's nest, but you can see the future and the past. And if you're lucky a bird might keep you company.