Hadestown the musical at the CIBC Theatre in Chicago

Greek mythology is an entire world in itself. There are many tales of Gods, Goddesses, and their children living lives that are far beyond the comprehension of human beings. Their stories are filled with an insane amount of passion, rage, revenge, and lust. The King of Gods, Zeus, reigns over everything. His brothers are Poseidon, the God of the seas, and Hades, the God of the underworld. Together, they make sure the fabric of existence is intact so that the universe doesn't collapse on itself.

The Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown focuses on the third brother, Hades. It is a 2-act play that follows two stories that are separate yet also intertwined. The first is a story of the young dreamers, Eurydice and Orpheus. The second is a story of Hades and his wife. It is a tale of love, lust, betrayal, and deception that will have audiences at the edge of their seats, wondering how things are going from one point to the next. The play is narrated by Hermes, who is the herald of the Gods.

When watching Hadestown the musical, the audience will be treated to a play with all sorts of fictional drama and action. We all love Greek mythology because of how intricate and grand it is in every way. Hadestown promises to deliver on this hype by having not one but two different storylines in a single play. You will see how people, or in this case, Gods, can live lives that are so different and far apart but still somehow manage to cross paths.

About the Play
Hadestown is a Tony-Award-winning musical that will take Orpheus down to the depths of the underworld where he is trying to save Eurydice, his love, from the grasp of Hades. The audience will be introduced to other Greek Gods and Goddesses as the play progresses. Furthermore, it will show that this is more than a simple rescue mission from the underworld; it is a story of trust, unity, and the limits to which a person can go when saving the ones they love.

You will be treated to a nail-biting story with fantastic music that will serenade throughout the theatre. Beyond the music and drama, lessons are learned from a story like this. The audience will pick up on when they are sitting nice and cozy in their seats. Theater-goers will be able to watch a fantastic play for the first time in a while since the pandemic is fading. Hadestown will pay special tribute to the people who dream big and defy the odds in their quest to get to those whom they love.

Get Your Tickets
Playing at the CIBC Theatre in Chicago from March 2nd to March 13th, 2022, get your tickets as soon as you can to Hadestown to make sure you can feast your eyes and ears on a truly remarkable theater experience. Get ready to be haunted and shown hope, neither of which is guaranteed to stay.