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How to Get the Best Seats for "Hamilton" in Chicago

PrivateBank Theatre Seating for HamiltonAs the Broadway production nominated for the most Tonys in history and the winner of 11 Tony awards, Hamilton is sure to take your breath away no matter where you sit. However, if you want to take advantage of the full experience, use the following tips and seating chart when purchasing your Hamilton tickets to ensure you have the best CIBC Theatre seats possible.

On the below seating chart, the darker the color the worse the seats. Also pay attention to the red dots- those represent poles in the theatre which of course create obstructed views.

Orchestra Seating
Orchestra seating, sometimes also known as the "stalls," make up the ground floor of the theatre directly in front of the stage. Like the majority of professional theatres, many of the best seats in CIBC Theatre will be in the center orchestra. The entire orchestra in CIBC encompasses rows A through ZZZ. Anything from A to V can be relied upon to provide a clear, open sightline, with absolute prime seating located between rows E and P. These will give you the most unobstructed view of the stage, seated far enough back to take in every angle without cranking your neck and close enough to commit every vivid detail to memory.

As far as the Orchestra Left and Orchestra Right seats, the higher the seat number on your Hamilton tickets, the further you will be from center, so if you have a choice, opt for the lowest number possible. If you find yourself choosing seating in anything behind row U, selecting a low-number middle seat will help ensure you don't find yourself behind one of the support poles located in the middle of the side seating areas as shown on the seating chart as the red dots.

Dress Circle Seating
Dress circle seating is one level up from orchestra seating. The center of the first row hangs directly over row S of the ground floor, with the sides extending forward as far as ground-floor row L. If you can, get your Hamilton tickets with a middle seat between rows A and C. Rows D and E are occasionally visually impeded, while seats F through H are nearly always partially blocked. Because the floor is not sloped much, this is particularly important to note for small-statured patrons. Select a back row and you run the risk that the local basketball team will fill the rows A and B, meaning you may lose your line of sight regardless of your size. While you should almost always seek middle seats, in the dress circle, row number will be your top priority.

Mezzanine Seating
Mezzanine seating is located one level up from dress circle seating and two levels up from orchestra seating. Just like the dress circle, when purchasing Hamilton tickets, prioritize row over central seating, though both aspects will affect your viewing quality. The center seating of rows A through E and side center of rows A through C will offer the best mezzanine vantage points. Acoustics are excellent on the third level, and the first few rows give a nice overview of the entire stage.

If possible, avoid anything on the furthest sides of rows A through C, any side seating in rows D through J or anywhere at all in rows K through P where you are unlikely to have a full view of the stage. If you are unable to exchange these Hamilton tickets, be aware that your view may still be obstructed even if your ticket is not labeled as such.

Balcony Seating
The balcony is the final level up from ground floor seating. The viewing angles here are extreme, which means you are likely to have difficulty viewing some sections of the stage. Rows A and B offer the best views, although even here patrons may need to lean forward to gain a full viewpoint of the stage. The center portions of C through F are also acceptable. Purchasers of Hamilton tickets for anything past G run the risk of having their view blocked further by support poles.

Your Theatre Experience
No matter where you sit in the CIBC Theatre, the much-acclaimed hit Hamilton will take your breath away. If, as a last-minute purchaser of Hamilton tickets, you are only able to get ahold of a pair of seats in the back far left of orchestra row ZZZ, go for it. You won't regret it. However, if you are able to plan out and invest in your theatre experience, these useful tips will help you maximize the occasion for a truly unforgettable night.

To get more information on Hamilton or to purchase tickets, please visit our Hamilton show details page.

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