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  Monty Python's Spamalot at Mercury Theater

Monty Python's Spamalot

Mercury Theater
3745 N. Southport Ave Chicago

SPAMALOT is an irreverent musical of the legend of King Arthur's quest for the Holy Grail. Spurred on by a plague with a 50% chance of pestilence and famine, Arthur recruits knights to accompany him on his quest in pursuit of the salvation of Camelot, and their own destinies. Along the way they encounter crazy shenanigans including the Lady of the Lake and her Laker Girls, flatulent Frenchmen with flying cows and blood thirsty, killer rabbits.

Aug 30 - Nov 3, 2019

Fri, Aug 30: 8:00pm
Sat, Aug 31: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Sep 1: 3:00pm
Wed, Sep 4: 8:00pm
Thu, Sep 5: 8:00pm
Fri, Sep 6: 8:00pm
Sat, Sep 7: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Sep 8: 7:00pm
Wed, Sep 11: 8:00pm
Thu, Sep 12: 8:00pm
Fri, Sep 13: 8:00pm
Sat, Sep 14: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Sep 15: 3:00pm
Wed, Sep 18: 8:00pm
Thu, Sep 19: 8:00pm
Fri, Sep 20: 8:00pm
Sat, Sep 21: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Sep 22: 3:00pm
Wed, Sep 25: 8:00pm
Thu, Sep 26: 8:00pm
Fri, Sep 27: 8:00pm
Sat, Sep 28: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Sep 29: 3:00pm
Wed, Oct 2: 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 3: 8:00pm
Fri, Oct 4: 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 5: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 6: 3:00pm
Wed, Oct 9: 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 10: 8:00pm
Fri, Oct 11: 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 12: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 13: 3:00pm
Wed, Oct 16: 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 17: 8:00pm
Fri, Oct 18: 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 19: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 20: 3:00pm
Wed, Oct 23: 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 24: 8:00pm
Fri, Oct 25: 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 26: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 27: 3:00pm
Wed, Oct 30: 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 31: 8:00pm
Fri, Nov 1: 8:00pm
Sat, Nov 2: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sun, Nov 3: 3:00pm

Price: $40-$70

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 773-325-1700

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