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  Jake's Women Reviews
Jake's Women
Oil Lamp Theater

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Around The Town Chicago- Highly Recommended

"..."Jake's Women", now on the stage at Oil Lamp Theater, that charming intimate space in "Downtown" Glenview , could easily be interpreted as Simon's life set to a love story. Jake ( played to perfection by Dennis Schnell) is a writer. He is married to Maggie ( deftly handled by April Taylor). Their marriage is not perfect. Jake was married before and very much in love with Julie ( charmingly portrayed by Devri Chism) , who was the mother of their daughter, Molly ( played by two actresses at different stages in their lives- Emrose Seidenberg at 12 and Abby Walburn at 21). This may sound confusing, but the title is "jakes Women" so you need to meet them all ( and you will)!"
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago On Stage- Highly Recommended

"...Director Josh Johson did a superb job of staging in the small space and in bringing out the best in his actors. Each of the actresses playing the women in Jake’s life created beautiful and distinct characters. I found them all to be particularly believable and endearing in their own ways. I especially enjoyed the contrast Taylor and Chism created between Jake’s two wives."
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Karen Topham