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  His Greatness at Pride Arts Center - The Buena

His Greatness

Pride Arts Center - The Buena
4147 N. Broadway Chicago

Three men - a great American playwright, his trusted and loyal assistant, and a young Canadian street hustler - find themselves together for two days in a hotel room in Vancouver. The ensuing battle for power, love and loyalty is frequently funny, engagingly dark and ultimately moving. HIS GREATNESS, inspired by a 'potentially true story' during the declining days of Tennessee Williams, is an intimate insight into the mind of a familiar public figure, grappling with the loss of former glory and desperate for a return to form and success.

Thru - Nov 12, 2017

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Sat, Oct 21: 5:00pm
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Mon, Oct 23: 7:30pm
Thu, Oct 26: 7:30pm
Fri, Oct 27: 7:30pm
Sat, Oct 28: 5:00pm
Sun, Oct 29: 7:00pm
Thu, Nov 2: 7:30pm
Fri, Nov 3: 7:30pm
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Sun, Nov 5: 7:00pm
Thu, Nov 9: 7:30pm
Fri, Nov 10: 7:30pm
Sat, Nov 11: 7:30pm
Sun, Nov 12: 7:00pm

Price: $25

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 1-800-737-00984

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  His Greatness Reviews
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Chicago Reader - Highly Recommended

"...His Greatness is set around the time of that fiasco. Playwright Daniel MacIvor focuses on Williams's brief sojourn in Vancouver, where his drug-and-liquor stoked exploits apparently became part of local lore. In this fictionalized account, an artist very (very!) like Williams hits highs and lows while his long-suffering assistant and an ambitious young hustler vie for his affections. The scenario is as familiar as it is pathetic, but MacIvor and director David Zak invest it with an elegiac quality right out of The Glass Menagerie, without sacrificing the situation's delicious vulgarity. Danne W. Taylor is perfect-addled and sly, sad and sybaritic-as the pseudo-Williams."
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Tony Adler

Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended

"...This may be one of David Zakís finest productions and should not be missed. Itís not a play filled with surprises. Nor is it paced with a great deal of tension; the astute theatergoer will probably guess how this story is going to end. And itís title doesnít simply refer only to the Playwright, but, ironically, also to the other two characters, in their own way. Laced with biting humor, itís only when the play is finally over that the audience will recognize the sadness within all three of the men."
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Colin Douglas

Picture This Post - Recommended

"...With a cast of only three actors, a weak link would stand out and potentially ruin an otherwise fabulous production. This show has no weak link. Whitman Johnson brings a lightness to the character of the Young Man but never shies away from the darkness of what his future most likely holds. Andrew Kain Miller plays the balance of love and hate within the Assistant with brilliance and subtlety. He takes the words of playwright and uses them to eviscerate and lift up his friend and nemesis. Danne W. Taylor channels the ghost of what we have come to know as Tennessee Williams' persona. Taylor's performance can only be described as stunning."
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Stephanie Dykes

Chicago On Stage - Highly Recommended

"...This is a very entertaining play-I have not at all conveyed how truly funny it is-and it is also one that takes you into a world that, while invented, seems as if it could well have been real. From what we do know about Williams, this may not have been far from his life. The Playwright worries at one point here if his Assistant thinks he is losing his mind. When the Young Man calls him the smartest man he knows, he replies, "Madness is not in the brain; it's in the blood." Criticism may be in the brain, but being a playwright is in the blood. So is love. It's easy to see where true greatness lies."
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Karen Topham

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