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  Don't Dress For Dinner Reviews
Don't Dress For Dinner
Oil Lamp Theater

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Around The Town Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...Two hours of solid laughter ( two acts with an intermission) with a delightful cast of players on n intimate stage in downtown Glenview. Not quite a "weekend in the country", but pretty darn close. Oh, there is also another character, George (Victor Polites), Suzette's husband, who comes to pick her up and gets caught up in all the confusion that we have just been watching. The scene when Robert explains the evening to him is amazingly clever and he delivers it with a straight face ( which is a difficult task indeed). The costumes (Colin Bradley Meyer) and lighting (Dave Miller) are well done and the fight choreography (Victor Bayona), dynamic. This is a stage that is very tiny with a lot of furniture, so being able to have fight scenes is not a piece of cake!"
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Alan Bresloff