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Steel Magnolias

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The Beverly Theatre Guild announces open auditions for Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. Directed by Julie L. Zebleckis. All roles to be cast at open audition. Race neutral casting - all types welcomed

Auditions will be held at Morgan Park Academy Arts Center 2153 W 111th St, Chicago.


Truvy Jones - (stage age 40 to 50ish) Owner of the beauty shop. Sassy, witty, generous. She cares about all the ladies in her shop. She loves to give advice to anyone who will listen. She is a proud owner of her beauty shop.

Annelle Dupuy-Desoto - (stage age 19 to 23ish) Beauty shop assistant. New girl in town. Shy, na´ve, sweet & insecure. She is strong enough to keep going despite all life throws at her at such a young age. She blossoms by the end of the show.

Clairee Belcher - (stage age 60 to 70ish) Widow of former mayor. Grande dame. Elegant & sophisticated & she loves her sports. She can be sarcastic & has a somewhat wicked sense of humor. She is best friends with Ouiser.

Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie - (stage age 24 to 28ish) Prettiest girl in town. Sweet & strong willed. She is very passionate about life & getting married & having a family. She loves her mother but wishes she wouldn't worry so much.

M'Lynn Eatenton - (stage age 50 to 55ish) Shelby's mother. Socially prominent career woman. A strong, stubborn woman who loves her family very much. She worries for Shelby's health. She loves all the ladies in the beauty shop.

Ouiser (pronounced "Weezer") Boudreaux - (stage age 60 to 70ish) Wealthy Curmudgeon. Acerbic but lovable. She can be cranky & grouchy, but she has a good heart. She does just as she pleases & doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. She is best friends with Clairee.

Material To Prepare:

Audition will consist of readings from the script; however, prepared monologues (up to 3 minutes) welcome. Please bring headshot and resume if you have one.

Contact Info:

Audition sides will be posted on BTG's website.