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Yellow Rose Theater

Gigi's Party

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: $400

The Yellow Rose Theater is seeking actors for their upcoming production of "Gigi's Party" This play will involve the playwright through the process and we are excited to have been given the resources to workshop this production in late April.

It is 2058 and Gigi lives in a world where disease has been eradicated and the human lifespan has doubled. In many ways modern technology is set at odds with the struggle of the human condition. In a world where 3-D printers produce everything from a replacement organ to a replacement party dress, what place does the idea of a soul have? What may seem like Sci-Fi today, is truly the reality of tomorrow. You are cordially invited to Gigi's party to experience how a people who seem to have it all deal with depression, family obligations, the complexity of monogamy, and of course, the eternal question of the meaning of existence?

Our plan is to hold the first 3 weeks of rehearsals over Zoom then moving to in person rehearsals and finally filming (and possible audience if Covid numbers and restrictions continue to allow limited, socially distanced indoor gathering. Before and during any in person rehearsal, all actors will be tested for Covid-19, required to wear masks and follow all safety protocol. We are happy to connect with artists to give a more detailed plan to ensure safety. We know that health and safety is a huge concern at this time. You are welcome to contact us at for a detailed written plan for how we will provide safe measures for actors to perform.

For full details on Covid safety and protocol Click Here.


Nadya: (Mid 30-40's) Well educated professional. To protect the life she has, she feels it is her duty to protect her husband Zak from himself and his destructive habits. Her persona is patient and unassuming, but she contains a strong inner strength and her choices are made in full knowledge of what is happening around her.

Zak: (Late 30's - 40's) A successful medical tech professional experienced in the art of 3-D printing. Accomplished, smart, and confident to the point of narcissistic. He is not constrained to the ideas of monogamy which is a source of tension in his marriage with Nadia. Sarcasm and dry humor to both deflect pain and to make his point.

Andrew (Late 20's - 50's) A philosopher in a world of science. Zak's close friend. Andrew is unphased by the fast paced medical advancements. He is smart and kind and even can come across a bit simple from the outside, but he is just a student of the human condition.

Gigi (Mid 30-40's): Married to Maged and has two children with him. Marriage is very tense and full of resentment. Gigi is the life of the party, bold, a bit of a grandstander, but hiding a great deal of depression and loss of meaning in life. She can be self-destructive in her need to cover what is bubbling inside her.

Maged:(30's-40's) Gigi's husband, a stay-at-home dad. Very content with the simple life and resistant to technology. He romanticizes the past where medical advancements have not altered the way people live. If Gigi is a Ferrari, Maged is a plodding truck. He does not fit well with his fast-paced business friends, but is a strong and capable stay-at-home parent. He lives a very different life than the rest of the cast.

Fatima: (Mid-20's-early 30's) Curious employee with a strong future. Respects Gigi and her career path. Can be a bit out of touch with the dating scene and a social life.

Elena: (Early to mid 20's) Young and excited for life. Very much enjoys the dating game, but also very ambitious in her career. Where Fatima is challenged by the work, Elena is working to climb the ladder quickly.

Time Commitment:
Initial audition: Submit initial side by March 3

Callbacks: March 8 and 9

Rehearsals: March 21-April 11 (rehearsals done via zoom)

Testing: April 10/11 (All actors and production team must get tested - paid by producer)

April 12-20 Rehearsals in person at Athenaeum - (Covid tests required throughout in person gatherings)

April 21-25 Performance/Filming (any in person attendance will be strictly based upon current city guidelines. This production will be filming for streaming during this time with or without audience attendance)

Contact Info:
To submit for this audition please choose a side from the attached folder. You may audition for any role you wish- do not feel constrained to age or gender in these initial auditions just prepare the side you feel most connected to. We will be doing all initial auditions via video and call backs through Zoom.

Please fill out the following form and upload your headshot and resume as well as a link to your initial audition. We understand health and safety is of utmost importance to you (and us as well) so contact us directly for the written document of how The Yellow Rose Theater will be taking precautions to ensure safety of their actors. We would love to work with actors who are already in a quarantine pod, so please encourage your roommate/partner/close friend to audition as well.

Audition Form

Audition Sides

Please direct any questions to

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Posted Date: Feb 19, 2021