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GreenMan Theatre Troupe

The Angle of Mercy

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

What happens when you mix George Burns and Gracie Allen-style comedy with a door slamming farce? GreenMan Theatre Troupe announces auditions for a world premiere comedy, "The Angle of Mercy" by Carl Howlett. Auditions are by appointment only on March 8 and 9.

We're looking for eight funny people who are completely fearless. If you love bawdy, fast paced comedy, there's not a better time to be had for you than this show.

Character descriptions
MARY RYAN - Female - 30s-50s. Hollywood radio star. Charming, delightful and 100% logical. It's just that her train of logic runs on a completely different track than everybody else's. Think Gracie Allen.

ERIC RYAN - Male - 30s-50s. Screenwriter. Enjoys being a straight man for Mary. A dry wit. Think George Burns. BAWDINESS FACTOR: Must be comfortable with bawdy physical comedy.

CLIFF LERNER - Male - Late 20s-40s. Rather small, with glasses. Self-effacing and shy, he plays psychotic gangsters on the screen, standing on a box opposite his leading ladies. BAWDINESS FACTOR: takes off his pants at one point. 1940s boxers.

RUTH LERNER - Female - Late 20s-40s. Studio fashion designer, married to Cliff. She is witty, caustic and favors martinis. Loves Cliff but is disappointed in him. BAWDINESS FACTOR: takes off her dress at one point. She's in 1940s style underwear.

FRANK STAERKEL - Male - 40s-50s. Head of Regency Hammacher Pictures. A big guy. Bombastic, bullying tyrant. Gets his own way in everything. (Pronounced "STAR-kel")

IILA WOLVERTON - Female - Late 20s-30s. A college valedictorian, Iila is cursed with sexy red hair, big blue eyes, kewpie doll face and a body that makes Rita Hayworth look like a boy. People think she's dumb. This is a huge mistake. (Pronounced "EYE-la")

CHINESE CHARLIE LEONI - Male - 30s-40s. Toughest gangster in Hollywood, on loan from Brooklyn. A HUGE movie fan. Tough, but star-struck. His dialogue is Runyonesque.

MARILYN UZITIS - Female - Late 20s-40s. Charlie's girlfriend. Brassy, uninhibited. Loves a good party. And booze. And sex. (Pronounced "You-ZY-tis"). BAWDINESS FACTOR: Drops her dress at one point. Must be VERY comfortable with bawdy physical comedy.

Time Commitment:
March 11-April 23

All rehearsals and performances take place at GreenMan Theatre Troupe, First United Methodist Church, 232 S. York Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126

April 24-May 10, 2020
Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 p.m., Sundays 2 p.m.

Material To Prepare:
Audition sides will be sent to you when your appointment is scheduled.

Contact Info:
To schedule an appointment, please e-mail (And yes, it's "Angle," not "Angel," so be careful.) Please state your name and which day (Sunday, March 8 or Monday, March 9) you would like to audition. Attaching a headshot and resume is acceptable but not required.

Reply To Email:


Audition Dates:

Mar 1 5-8pm
Mar 2 6-9pm
Mar 3 Callbacks 6-9pm
Posted Date: Feb 13, 2020