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Perceptions Theatre

2020 Season General Auditions

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Stipend

Perceptions Theatre is holding 2020 Season General Auditions.

Some Kind of Nightmare (Performance date will be April 20th and rehearsals will take place one month before the show)
By: Asha R. McAllister
Directed by Nanyamka Gallardo
Some Kind of Nightmare is the story of when a group of stoner friends get together for their weekly book club meeting and all hell breaks loose when a story in the New Yorker reveals a sordid secret fantasy between two of the members. Lines get crossed and tensions rise as the group prepares to celebrate the fifth year of the club on 4/20 and no one wants to see the event to go up in smoke.

Be Prepared (Performance date will be July 11th and rehearsals will take place one month before the show)
By: Joseph Ramski
Director TBA
Be Prepared is the story of a bunch of Boy Scouts who get lost in the wilderness and have to grapple with a lot of things--violence, fear, the outdoors, and how our society's views on masculinity can ravage upon the young (and maybe the not-so-young).

Black Magic (Performance dates will be in October (dates TBA) and rehearsals will take place one month before the show)
By: Jerluane 'Jay' Jenkins
Directed by: Myesha-Tiara
Black Magic is the story of a young woman named Sasha who, when a tragedy befalls her family, has to pick up the broken pieces of her reality. The lines between the real world and the world of the dead get blurred as she is willed a gift from her great grandmother. Will she be able to come out the other side or will she be stuck in limbo, desperate to make sense of the new world she must learn to be a part of?

Character Breakdowns:

Some Kind of Nightmare

Violet "Vi, Dank" Dankowski- 26. Black. Pretty, tall ,earthy, a kind of "hipster bitch", the kind Childish Gambino would rap about. Momo's girlfriend. Best friends with Rusty. A writer and library volunteer. A yoga instructor and "herbalist". Mostly a burst of sunshine and positivity and force of black girl magic when she enters a room. Funny, smart. Passionate and sometimes pigheaded. Doesn't get along with Helene. Is a well known blogger, popular.

George "Momo" Hamamoto- 28. Japanese. Tall, fit. Peculiar, very funny. Violet's boyfriend. Best friends with Rusty. Used to best friends with Elias but they have grown apart. A graduate student in botany and tutor. Quincy's tutor. A grower and mastermind.

Russell "Rusty" Winehouse-27. White. Big bearded, big hearted, gay. Violet and Momo's best friend. Emilio's boyfriend. An artist working as a interior decorator.

Elias Goodwin-29. White. Very good looking, charismatic, rich. An author. Desperately into Violet. Dating the much younger, Helene.

Helene Westbrook-20. White. Blond, blue eyes, intense. A sophomore in college. Friends with Quincy. Elias's girlfriend. She adores Elias. Cole's stepsister. Doesn't smoke. Doesn't like Violet.

Cole "Coolie" Westbrook- 30. White, Very tall, towering almost. Skinny with a slight athletic build, but has a sketchy nervous air about him. Old acquaintance of Momo and Elias. Helene's stepbrother. A drug dealer that grows is own weed masquerading/covering as a bike courier. Wants to start a dispensary.

Quincy "Q" Strong- 19. Black. Young, a bit on the shorter side. Full bodied, strong, whimsical yet cautious. A freshmen in college. Tutors with Momo and is friends with Helene. Has a crush on Helene and Violet. Growing up.

Francesca "Fran, Franny" Peterson-25. White. Italian. Good friends with Violet and George. Keif's girlfriend. A chef and a poet. Regular at Violet's get togethers.

Jonathan "Keif" O'Keefe-27. Black. Good friends with Violet and George. Franny's boyfriend. Film director and actor. Dabbles in theater. Regular at Violet's get togethers.

Emilio "Milo" Hernandez- 26 Cuban. Good friends with Violet and George. Rusty's boyfriend. A musician and a 5th grade teacher. Regular at Violet's get togethers.

Be Prepared

BILLY GRABOWSKI - 14 (or 18-20 but can play younger) Son of SCOUTMASTER BILL, Gender Open. Feels like he's outgrown Scouting. Worried about his parents possibly getting divorced. Doesn't want to lead or make decisions, but very over being told what to do.

NICK HILL - 14 (or 18-20 who can play younger) Best friend of BILLY, Gender Open. Heart-of-gold. Nice to everyone, or tries to be. The only Scout who attends Catholic School. Always genuine.

JONAS CALHOUN - 14 (or 18-20 who can play younger), Gender Open. Abrasive. Craves attention, but has a chip on his shoulder. Never wants to be seen as "weak". Thinks he knows how the world works.

T.J. SOMMERS- 13 (or 18-20 who can play younger), Gender Open . Brainy, but never flaunts it. Wears thick glasses. Loves science, math, videogames, computers. Can be somewhat extra.

KURT DRESDEN - 19, Gender Open. Elder Falcon Scout who recently graduated high school and still helps out with Troop functions; came back to become Assistant Scoutmaster. Studying to be an EMT. From a poor home. Probably got made fun of a lot in high school for being into Scouting.

SCOUTMASTER BILL - 40s. Father to BILLY, head Scoutmaster in Troop 69. Relatable. Tired. Lost. Marriage is on the rocks. Wants Pioneer Scouting to be as rewarding of an experience for BILLY as it was for him; doesn't know how to connect with his son.

SCOUTMASTER PETERS - 40s. Teacher by day, super-scout by nights/weekends. Lives and breathes the Scout Rules and Scout Promise. Constantly pushes the boys of Troop 69 to be better scouts and try harder. Never gets nervous and knows how to deal with every-EVERY-situation. Seems to be wound up a little too tight.

Black Magic

SASHA- 20 something, black. A college graduate trying to keep her life balanced. Good heart, thoughtful albeit somewhat broken.

HAKEEM - 18-19, black. Sasha's younger brother whom she assists with finding a living situation for his first year of college

DEEDEE: 20 something, open ethnicity.. Sasha's best friend. Comes to help Sasha during her time of need.

KHADIJA: 20 something, black. Sasha's younger sister. A "free spirit" who refuses to work for the man and takes matters into her own hands by any means necessary. She's brutal but honest.

Auditions will be held at Apostolic House of Prayer 4952 S. Paulina St. Chicago, IL 60609

Material To Prepare:
Bring Headshot and Resume
Prepare: 1 minute contemporary monologue
Callbacks will be the same day

Contact Info:
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Audition Dates:

Feb 21 3-7pm
Feb 22 10-2pm
Posted Date: Feb 6, 2020