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Saint Sebastian Players

Charley's Aunt

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Auditions for February/March 2020 Production of Charley's Aunt, by Brandon Thomas.


STEPHEN SPETTIGUE - well-to-do solicitor; about fifty-six to sixty; rather stout; when not in a temper has a charming smile and manner; but also, pompous and assertive; Kitty is his ward; Amy is his niece

COLONEL SIR FRANCIS CHESNEY - military man; tall, good-looking, smart in appearance and manner; fifty-one, but looks younger; is Jack's father; in love with Donna-Lucia

JACK CHESNEY - Student at St. Olde's College, Son of Sir Francis; tall, dark, good-looking, about 22; laughs his way through life, self-confident, quick, alert, and driven; in love with Kitty

CHARLEY WYKEHAM - Student at St. Olde's College; about twenty, good-looking, charming and though shy is not awkward; writes poetry; in love with Amy

LORD FANCOURT BABBERLEY - Student at St. Olde's College; about 22; small but good-looking; a bit of a gambler; later plays Charley's Aunt (sometimes successfully); in love with Ela

BRASSETT - A College Scout (manservant); between forty and fifty; always polite and never familiar in his manner; wry sense of humor


DONNA-LUCIA D'ALVADOREZ - well-preserved beautiful, kindly woman of middle age with a young face; keen sense of humor, takes command; in love with Sir Chesney

AMY SPETTIGUE - niece of Stephen Spettigue; honest and meek; about 19; in love with Charlie

KITTY VERDUN - Stephen Spettigue's Ward; an heiress and a bit of a spitfire; about 19; in love with Jack

ELA DELAHAY - adopted niece of Donna-Lucia D'Alvadorez; young, pretty, unaffected girl of seventeen to twenty; high spirits and sense of humor; in love with Lord Fancourt

Time Commitment:
Rehearsal begins January 4th
Saturdays - 12:00-5:00
Sundays - 12:00-5:00
Mondays - 6:30-9:30
Tuesdays - 6:30-9:30

February 15th - 20th

Opening night:
Friday, February 21st

Material To Prepare:
Two minute comedic monologue in a British accent

Contact Info:
Please send resume and headshot to to request an audition appointment.

Reply To Email:


Audition Location:

St. Bonaventure Church
1625 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL

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Audition Dates:

Nov 18 7-10pm
Nov 19 7-10pm
Posted Date: Oct 28, 2019