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Drunk Shakespeare Chicago

Drunk Shakespeare

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

All your whiskey-soaked actor fantasies are about to come true, because the hit Off-Broadway comedy, Drunk Shakespeare, is casting in Chicago! We are looking for outstanding performers with that special combination of an indestructible liver, an incurable love of The Bard, and an insatiable desire to play.

About Drunk Shakespeare:
Each night, one actor downs six shots before the ensemble attempts a Shakespeare play. Seriously. Inhibitions are released, the muse is invoked, and the spirits flow freely. Pop culture, current events, the whole canon of plays, music, drinks and more take over a hidden library speakeasy in The Loop.

For five years, Drunk Shakespeare has been entertaining audiences from all over the world. Drunk Shakespeare is A New York Times Critics' Pick and "the best thing to ever happen to the theater" according to Slate Magazine. Alumni from the cast of Drunk Shakespeare have gone on to perform on Broadway & the West End, in TV series like Billions, in national equity tours, and with Blue Man Group.

We want actors who are excited about the opportunity to get involved with a long-running show by bringing fresh ideas and excitement. Actors have agency in this company to bring their own artistry and individual skill-set to the roles and we're specifically looking for individuals who are eager to push the envelope of "a traditional theatre experience". Performers should be well-versed in Shakespeare, comfortable with improv and audience-interaction, possess outstanding comedic chops, commanding stage presence and an up-for-anything attitude.

This is an ensemble piece and all actors must possess a positive attitude with a strong sense of teamwork and ensemble sensibility.

Drunk Shakespeare encourages performers of all backgrounds, ages, sizes, racial identities, physical abilities and gender-identities (and/or non-conforming) to apply for any role(s). We are actively seeking a diverse cast.

Note: With the exception of The Host, all roles will be required to get tipsy/drunk on stage approximately once a week.

The master of ceremonies. Responsible for welcoming and greeting the audience and setting the stage for the show. Think of every Oscars host from the last twenty years, and combine them into one big ball of drunk-wrangling energy. They are responsible for keeping the play on track and the audience in line. Requires a performer with a superb stage presence, excellent improvisation skills, and uncanny people skills for HEAVY audience interaction. Excellent impressions or impersonations would be ideal. Especially seeking performers with stand-up comedy backgrounds and training. If there is a YouTube video of you putting a heckler in their place, we want you!
Note: This track is NOT required to drink on stage.

The thru-line of the show and carries the task of telling the story. A soldier returning home from war, enticed by vaulting ambition (and a very convincing wife), does whatever it takes to become King. Charismatic, charming, physically imposing. Looking for excellent Shakespeare chops, commanding stage presence, great comedic timing, and surprising special skills. Macbeth often ends up shirtless at the end of the play. This role will be required to get tipsy/drunk on stage approximately once a week.

Strong actor with substantial Shakespeare and improv experience plus a commanding stage presence; Lady M exudes sexual energy and tenacity. Her drive for success is matched only by her devotion to her husband, for whom she will do anything to help become King. Looking for surprising special skills. This role will be required to get tipsy/drunk on stage approximately once a week.

You're the best friend, the hungover & sexually repressed porter, a puppet, a witch, Bill Pullman, and more. You've got charisma and spunk, and you're not afraid to do whatever it takes for the laugh. Since you'll be playing multiple characters throughout the course of the evening, this role requires versatility, comic timing, and heavy improvisation. Puppetry, character voices/impressions, or accent skills are a plus. This role will be required to get tipsy/drunk on stage approximately once a week.

Macduff is a catalyst for justice. Strong command of Shakespeare text and compelling stage presence are a must.This role requires strong & natural musical ability - singing, guitar playing, and/or the ability to accompany yourself singing are a plus. Dancing/gymnastic ability is also a plus. Macduff often ends up shirtless at the end of the play. Good sense of humor, up for anything attitude required. Audience interaction within the confines of the story. Individuals with outstanding comic timing, commanding stage presence, and high level of energy are desired. This role will be required to get tipsy/drunk on stage approximately once a week.

NOTE: The 'Drunk Actor'
The 'Drunk Actor' track rotates through all roles with the exception of the Host. By submitting for this casting you are acknowledging that you are over 21 years of age, and that you are excited and able to drink on stage approximately once a week. Meme Juice Productions does not promote irresponsible drinking, and strict drunk performance guidelines will be adhered to. The "Drunk Actor" receives free safe transportation home. We do not condone alcoholism. If you believe you may have a problem, please do not apply.

Pay: $80/show + $20/hour for Rehearsals

Time Commitment:
Holiday availability and flexible schedule are a must! Initial rehearsals will be held during both day and night.

Actors will begin with an initial 4-week trial contract, followed by an extension with the opportunity for an open-ended run!

Schedule: Drunk Shakespeare plays 6-10 shows/week. Actors will be joining a rotating cast to cover any/all performances.

Schedule includes Wed-Sat evenings and Sunday matinees, plus added shows during the holidays.

Contact Info:
Video Submissions
1) You should prepare and record a brief Shakespearean monologue. We encourage a "conversational" approach to the text that honors the Bard's intentions while still feeling fresh and current. The goal is to see your personality, so don't be afraid to mess with the text or approach it in an unusual way.

2) If you sing and/or play an instrument, we'd like to see that, too. Please send a brief recording that features your musical talents.

3) Once you've completed the above, please feel free to send links to any other material you'd like us to view.

To apply for an audition appointment, Email headshot, resume, video monologue, and BRIEF cover letter highlighting any special skills / talents to with the following in the subject line: "[YOUR NAME], [THE ROLE(s) YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED FOR]"

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Posted Date: Sep 8, 2019