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Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Noises Off

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in downtown Arlington Heights, IL announces general auditions for Noises Off, the award winning farce by Michael Frayn, which will be directed by Joe Lehman and assistant directed by Sarah Couer. Looking for highly technically skilled actors with a great affinity for comedy, particularly the higher flights of farce. Seeking adult actors, particularly actors of diversity, who are strongly encouraged to audition. Considered one of the greatest farces ever written, Noises Off is a play within the play titled Nothing On. In this production, we will be looking to particularly emphasize that our audience is seeing the touring production of the bedroom farce Nothing On in several stages of its process where things go cascadingly wrong despite the generally best efforts of all involved.

Actors considered for Noises Off should have a great facility with British dialects including more and less formal varieties to help differentiate when they are playing their "stage" character and when they are the actor themselves. All of these are physically and mentally demanding roles requiring great focus over a prolonged period of time testing not only burst capacity but endurance as well. Garry and Belinda in particular will face physical tests including the stunt for Garry, which will be taught and coached, of falling down a flight of stairs. Brooke as Vicki will spend significant stage time in her "underwear" costume.

Dotty Otley playing Mrs. Clackett - A British TV character star of medium-ish fame and "medium-ish" years, who has sunk her own money and hopes of retirement into this high stakes tour of Nothing On. Involved with the "much younger" Garry at the start of the play. Particularly interested in seeing the difference between Dotty as Mrs. Clackett and the backstage somewhat diva-ish Dotty. Think perhaps shades of Jane Lynch in Mrs. Maisel playing her comedic character vs. the actress themselves. Through your own lens though please.

Belinda Blair playing Flavia Brent - A rock in life and on stage. A steadying trooper who wants to help and keep things going, fixing or at least covering over problems until they become too much. An age pair with Frederick as they form the second, and likely slightly older, bedroom farce couple.

Garry Lejeune playing Roger Tramplemaine - The youngish leading man involved with Dotty at the start. Has guest starred on her TV show. A strong actor who sometimes cannot - well, you know what I mean don't you? - express himself with actual words. Has a temper. Protective of Dotty. Is jealous. What could go wrong? Paired with Brooke to form the younger of the two couples in Nothing On.

Selsdon Mowbray plays the Burglar - The oldest character. By far. Old in the theatre and trained in the classics. May have lost it, be losing it, or may at times be having us on. Hard to pin down. A past and present history of drinking problems. Must be watched. Must be prompted. Not to be left alone with opportunity for ill, but still capable of presenting a towering lion-hearted figure of theatre at times.

Brooke Ashton playing Vicki - Attractive young leading lady. Her main qualities as an actress are that she is an attractive young leading lady. Who knows her lines. And will say them no matter what cue is given or what has happened. Also has contact lenses. They frequently are dislodged. Near blind without them. Involved with Lloyd at the start. Age paired with Garry completing the younger of the two Nothing On couples.

Frederick Fellowes playing Phillip Brent - Leading man. Presents the sort of energy that makes people, particularly women, want to take care of him. He needs taking care of. Not the fiercest intelligence one has ever encountered. Sensitive and sweet in his well-meaning way. So sensitive in fact that he reacts strongly to violence, blood, or even the notion of violence with a sense of faintness and, ironically, nose bleeds. We learn in the first scene that his wife has just left him. Completes the slightly older second couple in Nothing On.

Lloyd Dallas - The director of Nothing On. Would rather be directing Shakespeare, but has bills to pay. Knows Dotty from before. He is a good director, in fact award winning, but things happen. He is not perhaps the most patient of directors by the time we first meet him. Has, let's say, a strong sense of ego and not unmoved by the authority inherent to his position. Charming, when he wants to be, and witty, sharper or not based on the moment. Involved with Brooke...and Poppy and, well, let's face it, that is probably not all, at the start of the play. Likely older and closer in age to Dotty. Not an actor and does not want to be onstage.

Poppy Norton-Taylor - The assistant stage manager of Nothing On, although she seems to be fulfilling more of the duties of the regular stage manager. She is also the female understudy. The youngest. An excellent and earnest stage manager, but perhaps with not the most professional experience on her resume as of yet. Means well and a professional. Involved with Lloyd. Wants to do well, and we want her to succeed. Easily shows when hurt.

Tim Allgood - The stage manager, the technical director, the carpenter, the road manager, the backstage crew, and incidentally the male understudy, etc. The most descriptive word that can be applied to Tim is that he is exhausted.

Auditions: Monday, September 30, 2019 - 3:00pm-11:00pm; Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 7:00pm-10:00pm; Audition slots will be individually assigned based on the closest available requested date(s)/time(s). Callback Dates: Monday, October 7, 2019 - 6:00pm-11:00pm; Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 7:30pm-11:00pm

Time Commitment:
Rehearsals - Monday, 12/9-Monday, 1/20, 2020: Weekly rehearsals include 7:00pm-10:00pm Mondays-Fridays, 1:00pm-5:00pm Saturdays, and 6:00pm-10:00pm Sundays. There is at least one designated evening off each week, selected at the director's discretion. No rehearsals Tuesday 12/24-Wednesday 12/25 or on Tuesday 12/31-Wednesday 1/1.

Tech Week - Tuesday, 1/21-Wednesday, 1/29, 2020: Actors with multiple tech week conflicts will not be under consideration. Schedule is as follows: Tuesday 1/21-Thursday 1/23, 6:00pm-11:00pm; Sunday 1/26, 12:00pm-11:00pm; Monday 1/27-Wednesday 1/29, 6:00pm-11:00pm. There are no rehearsals on Friday 1/24-Saturday 1/25.

Previews & Performances - Thursday, 1/30-Saturday, 3/14, 2020: Standard performance schedule includes 7:30pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; 3:00pm matinees on Saturdays and Sundays, with the exception of a 2:00pm matinee on Sunday, February 2.

Material To Prepare:
Please prepare a one minute comedic monologue, preferably in a British dialect. Also prepare a second short, ideally comedic monologue that you love and are very comfortable playing with and improvising from, although keep in mind that the second monologue may not be needed. You must audition and bring an updated headshot and resume even if you have been seen at Metropolis in past seasons.

Contact Info:
Please email your current headshot, resume and questions with NOISES OFF AUDITIONS in the header to Metropolis Casting at with your audition request. Along with your h/r, please include your full name, phone number, and desired audition date(s) and time(s). Audition slots will be individually assigned based on the availability of the requested dates/times. Casting questions and requests for coaching can be directed to the same email as well. Casting Authority - Robin Hughes, Casting Director, Metropolis Casting.

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Audition Location:

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
111 West Campbell Street
Arlington Heights, IL

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Audition Dates:

Sep 30 3-11pm
Oct 1 7-10pm
Oct 7 Callbacks 6-11pm
Oct 8 Callbacks 7:30-11pm
Posted Date: Sep 5, 2019