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Otherworld Theatre

Star Trek: The Next Generation parody

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: $10/show Stipend

On August 27th from 7-10 pm Otherworld Theatre Company is holding auditions for an upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation parody series.

This project is entirely unrehearsed, so a vast knowledge of the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe is mandatory. There will be one or two initial rehearsals so the cast can get the feel of the project.

Performances will be monthly on an off night (Mon-Wed) at Otherworld Theatre, wherein the audience will vote on which episodes to see, in real time. What will follow is a high-paced comedic interpretation of the chosen episode(s).

We are looking for some consistent roles and a small group of talented improvisers and sketch performers for the ensemble, all of whom will play several roles.

The roles of Riker, Crusher and Troi have already been cast.

We are looking to cast the recurring roles for Picard, Data, Worf and La Forge. We are looking to cast improvisers, comedians and performers of color.

Contact Info:
Please submit your headshot, resume and audition availability to Mary-Kate Arnold at

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Audition Dates:

Aug 27 7-10pm
Posted Date: Aug 4, 2019