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BrainFreak: LIVE

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

BrainFreak: LIVE is a magic show that goes wrong. It's a mix of improv with some written material. We will be preforming the show on Friday nights starting on September 13th and ending on October 4th, at Judy's Beat Lounge, at 7:30PM. I'm looking for 2 performers to join me on this experience!

The show follows BrainFreak, preforming live for the first time. A magician who doesn't know magic will put on the worst (and funniest) magic show of all time. Joining him are:

I'm looking for 1 performers: 1- Male identifying; playing BrainFreak's Manager. A con man at heart. He's just there to profit off of BrainFreaks's fans. During the show he's trying to sell autographs, fake magic spells, etc. He does not believe BF is magic at all, he's just in it to sucker people out of money.

Audition: Sunday, July 21th by appointment only at Second City Training Center Room 303

Time Commitment:
Rehearsal Schedule (Location will be in Chicago. Working on getting a space!):
Wednesday, August 7th 7:30PM-10PM
Wednesday, August 14th 7:30PM-10PM
Wednesday, August 21th 7:30PM-10PM
Wednesday, August 28th 7:30PM-10PM
Wednesday, September 4th 7:30-10PM

Tech Rehearsal TBD

SHOW DATES: (Show is taking place at Judy's Beat Lounge)
Show Dates:
Friday, September 13th at 7:30PM
Friday, September 20th at 7:30PM
Friday, September 27th at 7:30PM
Friday, October 4th at 7:30PM

Contact Info:
Auditions are by appointment only. Please forward your resume and headshot to

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Audition Location:

Second City
1616 N. Wells St
Chicago, IL

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Audition Dates:

Jul 21 7pm
Posted Date: Jul 9, 2019