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16th Street Theater

2020 Season General Auditions

Category: Equity/Non-Equity
Pay: Yes

16th Street is seeking women, men and non-binary actors of all ethnic backgrounds for their 2020 Season General Auditions taking place July 8, 9 and 10. You must submit your headshot to get a slot and name the role for which you will prepare. For roles where ethnicity is not stated, character can be played by any ethnicity. Roles range from early 20s to late 50's. Also seeking a woman age 70-80 for the role of Bib. For Xmas Cuento, you must be able to sing and speak Spanish.

A NNPN rolling world premiere by Maya Malan-Gonzales
Composition and Arrangements by Emiliano Valdez and Daniel Valdez
Directed by Miguel Nunez
Nov 29- Dec 29, 2019
Celebrating Latinx culture and modern music, this is an exciting and joyous Christmas Carol for today.


CAROLER 2- Latina. Young Dolores- 17 & 18 years old, Sol la Chicana- Spirit of Christmas Present. The hostess with the mostest. President of Mecha, the chick at the protest with the megaphone. Police Officer 2

CAROLER 4- Latina. Veronica- A regular at D's Pub. Ixchel- Spirit of Christmas Past. She's modern and mythic. She is like a walking full moon. Jefferson the Realtor.

CAROLER 5- Latino. Dominique- Son to Anita and Tomas, has asthma 10 years old. Teenage Dominique. Joaquin- Employee to Dolores, a hipster bartender, fabulous and charming. Miguel- Anita's father at 17 & 18 years old

A NNPN rolling world premiere by Audrey Cefaly
Directed by Ann Filmer
Jan 30- March 1, 2020

A noted photographer sets out to explore the topography of scars and finds an undiscovered folk artist hiding away on a small farm in North Alabama, with only her goats to keep her company.


JUNE- Any ethnicity. A woman in her 30's. An eccentric folk artist.

ALICE- Any ethnicity. A woman in her 30's. A photographer.

WEEZY- Any ethnicity. 30's - 40s. June's goat.

BIB- Any ethnicity. 70s-80s. Weezy's mother, a goat. (NON SPEAKING)

A world premiere by Julie Marie Myatt
Directed by Ann Filmer
July 9- August 9, 2020

It is 1970 and Virginia Moore is in love with Glenn, but she is also attempting to change her future by protesting Equal Rights for Woman. At a rally, she is knocked unconscious by a beer bottle and lapses into a coma. Forty years pass by as Glenn and her sister tend to her, while Virginia imagines an entire life. When she miraculously awakes, Virginia has evolved, but has the world?


VIRGINIA MOORE- Any ethnicity. A woman teetering between real life and fantasy.

GLENN MOORE - Any ethnicity. Virginia's devoted husband.

ALMA JENNINGS- Any ethnicity. Virginia's deteriorating sister.

GEORGE LARSON- Any ethnicity. Virginia's brother lost in Vietnam.

SUSAN JONES- African American. Virginia's caretaker at the hospital.

TRACY JENNINGS- Any ethnicity. Alma's independent daughter.


a joint premiere with Cleveland Public by Lisa Langford
Directed by Ilesa Duncan
Sept 3- October 4, 2020

Needra and Marlene enjoy a perfect post-racial friendship until two problematic Black robots (and a glitch in the space/time continuum) make them confront their ideas about race and the value of the past. Set in the near future, the play takes a page from the story of real human-like robots developed by Westinghouse in the 1930s.


NEEDRA- African American, female late 30s, new mom, geneticist, fiercely smart.

MALIK- African American, male late 30s, Needra's husband. Country boy.

MARLENE- White, female late 30's, Needra's best friend.

DAVID- White, male late 30's, Marlene's husband, a lawyer.

RASTUS- African American, male late 50's, robot.

HATTIE- African American, female late 50's, robot.

DEAN HACKETT- White, male 50-60, academic, Needra's advisor.

STOREKEEPER- White, male 50-60, same actor plays Dean Hackett.

Mon July 8 10am - 6pm for non-equity and AEA at 6420 16th Street in Berwyn

Tues July 9 12pm - 8pm for non-equity and AEA at 6420 16th Street in Berwyn

Wed July 10 10am - 4pm at AEA Office on Randolph in Chicago

AEA pay is CAT Tier 1 $258.71 per week with health
Non-equity pay is $130 per week for rehearsals and performances.

Auditions at current space 6420 16th Street in Berwyn.
Rehearsals and performances at 16th Street Theater's new permanent home at 1529 S Harlem Ave, Berwyn, IL 60402

Artistic Director Ann Filmer has casting authority, along with directors Miguel Nunez and Ilesa Duncan.

Material To Prepare:
Bring headshot and resume

Contact Info:
To Make Audition Appointment
Non-equity actors please submit headshot and resume to to request an audition appointment for either July 8 or July 9 noting any time restrictions. You must notate which side you will be reading. Include phone number in body of email. We will confirm back by email your audition time.

AEA actors please make appt thru AEA Casting Call for Wed July 10. If you can't make Wed, email for an audition appt at 16th Street Theater on July 8 or 9. See above.

Reply To Email:


Audition Dates:

Jul 8 10-6pm
Jul 9 12-8pm
Jul 10 10-4pm
Posted Date: Jun 11, 2019