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Vision Latino Theatre Co.

In The Heights

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Stipend

Jedlicka Performing Arts Center & Vision Latino Theatre Company presents In The Heights.

Xavier Custodio, Director
Michael Gibson, Music Director
Yariana Baralt Torres, Choreographer

About the show: In the Heights tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York's Washington Heights neighborhood - a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It's a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, and pressures where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, which ones you leave behind.

Character Breakdown:

Usnavi De La Vega - (charismatic leading man with tremendous heart. Very strong and clear rap narrative skills) 24 year old owner of De La Vega's Bodega, his parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic and have since passed away. He lives with Abuela Claudia, who isn't actually his grandmother but they are as close as family. Usnavi is in love with Vanessa and remains the eyes and ears of his Washington Heights neighborhood.

Young, smart-alecky, wise and dry cousin to Usnavi. Tough and smart Dominican, has big plans for himself and his neighborhood. SINGS UPPER RANGE, RAPS VERY WELL, DANCES

Fresh, smart college student. Brave and strong Puerto Rican girl, but has to tell her parents that she quit school months ago. Emotional and conflicted, but still the "star" of the neighborhood. Demanding role, lots of singing. VERY STRONG SINGER, DANCES, STRONG ACTRESS

Has a troubled home life, wishes to get out and into something better. Tired of all the whistles and catcalls, looking for a true love. Ethnic, but definitely American. STRONG BELT SINGER, STRONG DANCER

Strong, smart, masculine worker at the Rosario Taxi dispatch. Very ambitious, urban, and full of big dreams. Handsome, bright, and harbors a crush on the "boss's daughter." VERY STRONG SINGER, GOOD DANCER, STRONG ACTOR/RAPPER

Sweet, caring, and supportive Cuban matriarch of the neighborhood. Takes care of all the young people, and regularly plays the lottery. A wise character with strength, passion, and a long memory. A powerful actress, singer and story-teller. STRONG SINGER, STRONG ACTRESS

Puerto Rican born father to Nina. Owns and runs a taxi dispatch with his wife, Camila. Traditional, hard-working Latin father, over-protective, loving, but also has a temper. STRONG SINGER, STRONG ACTOR

The smart, caring "business" half of the Rosarios. She takes care of the bills and business, but usually holds her tongue in the presence of her husband. Dynamic Puerto Rican woman, with a powerful voice and presence that gets unleashed when she's had "ENOUGH"!!! STRONG SINGER, STRONG ACTRESS

DANIELA (30-50)
Puerto Rican owner of the local hair and nail salon. Loves to gossip, has a tough exterior, but enjoys being "The Boss." Her salon rent keeps going up, so, sadly she is moving to the Bronx. VERY STRONG SINGER

CARLA (18-30)
Bubbly, funny, side-kick to Daniela. Very sweet and religious. Supportive friend to the salon trio. STRONG SINGER, GOOD AT COMEDY

Young, urban, slick graffiti artist of the neighborhood. Slightly shady, but with a good heart. He doesn't see his "art" as a bad thing, wants to make a difference while making a living. Need an excellent hip-hop or break dancer.

The town-crier. Sells shaved ice from a cart, has a soaring tenor voice, reflects on how the people in the neighborhood "keep scraping by." SINGS VERY WELL

Interesting, diverse and well-rounded people of the community. We would like to see more than just great singers and dancers. Bring your strength, your vulnerability, your history, your humor and your love and pride from your ancestors. Challenging part singing and modern dance moves.

Time Commitment:
Rehearsals: August 12th- September 29th
Tech: September 30th- October 4th
Previews: October 5th- 6th
Opening Night: October 7th
Performance: October 10th- October 27th(Thursday - Sunday)
Possible Extension: October 31st- November 3rd(Thursday - Sunday)

Material To Prepare:
Please prepare a 32 bar contemporary song, you may be asked to sing a second song. You may not sing Acapella an accompanist will be provided.

Contact Info:
Please submit by email with subject titled In The Heights with Headshot/Resume & Date/Time for consideration:

Reply To Email:


Audition Location:

Jedlicka Performing Arts Center
3801 South Central Avenue
Cicero, IL

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Audition Dates:

Jun 24 5-10pm
Jun 28 5-10pm
Jul 9 Callbacks 5-10pm
Jul 12 Callbacks 5-10pm
Posted Date: Jun 10, 2019