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Intrinsic Theatre Company

2019 General Auditions

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Stipend

Intrinsic Theatre Company is casting the following shows for the 2019 Season:

Now or Later by Christopher Shinn
Rehearsals begin July 11
Performances run August 9 - 3
Directed by Bradley Hamilton
Performed at The Edge Off-Broadway

Keely and Du by Jane Martin
Rehearsals begin September 26
Performances run November 2 - 25
Directed by Michelle Altman
Performed at The Frontier

Intrinsic Theatre Company is a Chicago Theatre Standards-compliant institution. All such theatres make the following audition commitments to you:
-You will not be asked to audition more than three (3) times for our 2019 season without compensation.
-You will not be kept at any audition more than three (3) hours, or past 11 pm.
-You will not be charged a fee to audition.
-You will not be asked to disrobe or perform any intimate contact or violence as part of your audition.
-If presented with a casting offer, you may decline without fear of losing future opportunities and you will not be asked to explain your reason.

Additionally, we provide the following information regarding our 2019 season:
-ITC does not provide housing for actors, only local talent will be considered.
-Actors' Equity Association contracts are not provided.
-Actors may be asked to provide their costume in part or its entirety.
-Undergarments and makeup will not be provided by ITC.
-Actors will be expected to participate in strike, including striking the set.
-There will be no understudies.
-There will be a stipend in the amount of $150.00.
-Both productions contain culturally-sensitive content and a familiarity with both scripts in encouraged prior to audition.
-There is one (1) preview performance planned for each production.

Now or Later contains the following:
-Brief unarmed stage combat

Keely and Du contains the following:
-Violence and sensitive content, including discussions about domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human captivity.
-Mild nudity (changing onstage)
-Keely performs a self-induced abortion onstage

Casting Breakdown
All ethnicities will be considered for casting unless specifically stated.

Now or Later
-JOHN - male-identifying - 20's - Ferociously independent
-MATT - male-identifying - 20's - Level-headed and loyal. Able to see both sides of an argument.
-MARC - male-identifying - 30's - Optimistic and patriotic
-JESSICA - female-identifying - 50's - Loving mother and devoted wife
-TRACY - female-identifying - 40's - African-American - Enjoys having a good time but knows when to get serious
-JOHN, SR. - male-identifying - mid-50's -Politician through and through

Keely and Du
-KEELY - female-identifying - 20's-mid 30's - Determined
-DU - female-identifying - 50's-70's - Gentle yet firm, a nurse
-WALTER - male-identifying - 40's-60's - Well-spoken
-COLE - male-identifying - 30's - Serious

Material To Prepare:
Prepare two contrasting monologues that do not exceed 3 minutes total If time allows, you may be asked to read sides from our season Note: If you are interested in auditioning for Keely and Du, we recommend choosing an audition time outside of 5:30 pm - 6:20 pm on Thursday or Friday.

Contact Info:
Visit to find a link to our audition form and sign up for an audition slot.



Audition Location:

Edge Theatre
5451 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL

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Audition Dates:

Jun 13 5:30-8:40pm
Jun 14 5:30-8:40pm
Jun 15 12:30-3:40pm
Jun 16 Callbacks 2-5pm
Posted Date: May 13, 2019