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  And Then There Were None at Drury Lane- Oakbrook

And Then There Were None

Drury Lane- Oakbrook
100 Drury Lane Oakbrook Terrace

Ten strangers on a clandestine island. Each holds a murderous secret. Who will pay the ultimate price? This play is a murder mystery penned with cruelty by the master of the craft, Agatha Christie. And Then There Were None brings together tension, fear, and the macabre to weave a tale that captivates the audience until the last curtain. Can you unravel the mystery? Based on the novel by Christie, which is the world's best-selling mystery and one of the best-selling books of all time.

Thru - Sep 1, 2019

Wednesdays: 1:30pm
Thursdays: 1:30pm & 8:00pm
Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:00pm & 6:00pm

Price: $50-$65

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 630-530-0111

Running Time: 2hrs, 15mins; one intermission

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  And Then There Were None Reviews
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Chicago Tribune - Recommended

"...“And Then There None” is a very sophisticated player when it comes to the relative level of knowledge between characters and audience. Most thrillers either exploit the dramatic irony of us knowing more than them or concentrate on withholding information from the audience. The reason “And Then There Were None” has survived lies in how well Christie switches it up. You think you’re ahead of the play only to find the wily author actually is ahead of you."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Sun Times - Highly Recommended

"...Director Jessica Fisch’s fine staging of Christie’s “And Then There Were None” shows why well-crafted mysteries are so enduring. First, playing armchair detective is a satisfying pastime. Beyond that, Drury Lane’s staging ably highlights the humor and the underlying moral commentary (Christie was excellent at shading fat cats and hypocrites)."
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Catey Sullivan

Daily Herald - Highly Recommended

"...Well-acted, the production also reflects attention to detail evident in unspoken exchanges between characters that reveal almost as much as the dialogue, which is peppered with sexist, racist and classist references to women and indigenous people from developing nations."
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Barbara Vitello

Splash Magazine - Highly Recommended

"...It's brilliant counterprogramming to the outdoor delights offered most days by Chicagoland's parks and waterfront venues, a late summer theatrical treat designed to show a lovely oceanfront view before replacing it with the macabre and chilly visions of autumn. For mystery lovers and Anglophiles alike-and for both, the upcoming August 24th Mystery High Tea sounds like it'll be double the fun-head out to Oakbrook Terrace and prepare yourself for one or two laughs, then slip into screams."
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Jessie Bylander

Let's Play at ChicagoNow - Recommended

"...Overall, Jessica Fisch ability to hold suspicion over each guest and make the audience wonder who the murderer was, was enjoyable as well as entertaining. The plot runs a little slow for the first 45 minutes to the intermission; however, it picks up during the next two acts. You will have to use your imagination with regards to how some of the people die during the play. You may find yourself wanting to shout, "Why are you leaving the room;" but that adds to the mystery and the fun of, "And Then There Were None.""
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Rick and Brenda McCain

Around The Town Chicago - Recommended

"...If you love a good thriller, you will truly be captured by the new production of a very old classic, "And Then There Were None" on the stage at Drury Lane Theatre, in Oakbrook Terrace. Drury Lane does one non-musical each year and for this season, they selected Agatha Christie's mystery thriller that has been done in films several times, under this title as well as "10 Little Indians". For those of you familiar with any of the films, the "Indians" have been changed to "Ten Little Soldier Boys" in order to be politically correct. By the way, there have been countless film versions with many a major star wanting to be in it."
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended

"...Jessica Fisch has directed a thrilling, masterfully mysterious and macabre puzzle box production of Agatha Christie’s bestselling thriller. A visual and dramatic masterpiece, filled with suspense and a few surprises, this majestically acted and executed melodrama promises a few laughs and some well-earned shivers for a Summer evening’s entertainment."
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Colin Douglas

Third Coast Review - Highly Recommended

"...If you’re a fan of classic literature, whodunits, and bloody murders, then Drury Lane’s production of And Then There Were None is right up your alley. Director Jessica Fisch and the cast and crew have done an amazing job bringing Agatha Christie’s 1939 mystery novel (and her script) to life on stage, and I enjoyed every second I spent watching their performance. So what are you still doing? Get up and go see And Then There Were None, or you too might end up suffering the repercussions of your decisions…"
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James Brod

Chicago Theater and Arts - Recommended

"...A stellar ensemble cast is artfully directed by Jessica Fisch. Cher Álvarez plays former governess Vera Claythorne with great style and composure. Matt DeCaro lends leadership skills and authority to the retired Justice Wargrave, and Marilyn Dodds Frank injects just the right amount of haughtiness into Emily Brent, the judgmental spinster."
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Pamela McKuen

Chicago On Stage - Somewhat Recommended

"...Other than the rhyme, however (which also provided early insensitive titles for the novel), the play is a classic murder mystery, pure and simple. Unfortunately, for audiences primed to expect some sort of theatrical thrills along with their in-seat sleuthing, this play's structure just gives away too much. Everything that happens is pretty much expected until close to the end, and the ending itself is so improbable as to be almost nonsensical. But who knows: you may well find it much more captivating than I did. Certainly, there were a significant number of audience members on opening night who enjoyed it thoroughly. I will say this, though: if you go to see this play, sit as close as possible to the stage. The huge house at Drury Lane swallows up this intimate production, and I noticed many more vocal responses coming from far in front of me than from the rear. As always, though, your mileage may vary."
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Karen Topham

PicksInSix - Recommended

"...Director Jessica Fisch has assembled a top-flight company whose richly-defined characters engage at a blistering pace—the first act flies by in the bat of an eye—exposing just enough of the clever dramatic turns along the way to keep you rapt in suspense with each successive offing."
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Ed Tracy

Picture This Post - Highly Recommended

"...Like The Mousetrap, another great Christie play, And Then There Were None can be done with varying degrees of dread, and this one is meant for an amusing summer night or matinee. But that doesn’t mean it won’t capture the audience’s imagination; and for a person familiar with other versions, there’s a fresh angle here to enjoy."
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Jacob Davis

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*The designation of "Jeff Recommended" is given to a production when at least ONE ELEMENT of the show was deemed outstanding by the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee.

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