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  5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche at Dank Haus

5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche

Dank Haus
4740 N Western Ave Chicago

It’s 1956 and the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein is meeting for their annual quiche breakfast. However, this year there is an unexpected agenda item – the dropping of atom bombs on their fair city. This normally idyllic gathering is upended when the Society’s matriarchs; Lulie Stanwyck (Mary Hollis Inboden), Wren Robin (Megan Johns), Ginny Cadbury (Thea Lux), Veronica “Vern” Schultz (Beth Stelling) and Dale Prist (Maari Suorsa) must confront some startling revelations made by the Sisterhood while meeting the fallout from the Red Menace head on.

Thru - Jul 30, 2011

Price: $20

Show Type: Comedy

  5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche Reviews
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Chicago Reader - Recommended

"...Andrew Hobgood and Evan Linder's script offers a wealth of double entendres and some half-hearted Cold War satire. But the show's chief appeal lies in the considerable charms of its cast--especially Mary Hollis Inboden as the society's iron-willed president and Maari Suorsa as one of her bubble-headed deputies."
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Zac Thompson

Windy City Times - Recommended

"...Five Lesbians never really shakes off its silly sketch origins, but it does boast a funny quintet of actors with precision comic timing and outrageous characterizations. Much credit goes to Mary Hollis Inboden, Megan Johns, Thea Lux, Beth Stelling and Maari Suorsa who all make the play ultimately worthwhile."
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Scott C. Morgan

Centerstage - Somewhat Recommended

"...The best thing about this show is its extremely funny ensemble cast. Mary Hollis Inboden steals the show as the bossy, mildly unhinged president of the organization. Inboden has emerged in recent years as one of Chicago’s finest comic actresses. She can set the audience roaring with the slightest facial tic. There’s no question this show is funny, with big belly laughs every few seconds."

Rory Leahy

Time Out Chicago - Highly Recommended

"...What might be just a silly scenario peppered with cheap lesbian jokes is instead a winning mix of strong characters, precise comic timing and well-placed tastelessness. As Society President Lulie Stanwyck, Mary Hollis Inboden offers fantastic passive aggression, delightfully offset by Megan Johns’s excitable energy as Wren Robin. Beth Stelling (handy-with-tools Vern Schultz) perfectly deadpans some choice asides, and makes a great pair with adorably terrified champion quiche-eater Ginny Cadbury (Thea Lux). Maari Suorsa rounds out the cast as Dale Prist, shining when she recounts her twisted past. Gitenstein, Hobgood, Linder and the hilarious ensemble have cooked up something truly, wonderfully ridiculous."
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Julienne Bilker

Chicago Theatre Addict - Highly Recommended

"...These fantastic five performers (who each had a hand in devising the show, thanks to The New Colony’s uniquely collaborative approach to producing new work) make up one of the hardest working casts in town. You laugh because they commit so wholeheartedly to the wacky world they’ve established. Moreover, just when the joke starts to grow a bit stale, they up the stakes and the comedy is whipped into a frenzy."
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Bob Bullen

Chicago Stage Standard - Highly Recommended

"...I think "5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche" has the potential to become a long-running Chicago success story, like "Late Night Catechism" or "Hell Cab". In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if 5LEQ, like "The 39 Steps," becomes a mainstream favorite of theater troupes around the country. So race over to Dankhaus on Western at Lawrence to sample this quiche that has been so skillfully, lovingly, and deliciously prepared."

David Zak

Let's Play at ChicagoNow - Highly Recommended

"...What's funnier than funny?  5 LESBIANS EATING A QUICHE!  I know it sounds like a joke but I'm serious!  I can't stop laughing at these lesbians.  It sounds politically-incorrect and really it is.  But The New Colony encourages --- no FORCES--- me to see the humor in the ladies that munch.  I will never bite into a quiche again without a sisterly giggle.  With The Homosexuals in Lincoln Park and lesbians in Lincoln Square, Chicago is geographically-covered for a gay ole summer!"
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Katy Walsh

Chicago Theater Beat - Highly Recommended

"...Quiche is brilliantly funny and a delight to pick up on the film and cultural references. The play is directed by Sarah Gitenstein, who gives the actors the room to develop their characters. It is smoothly paced and has some great holy sh#! moments. Just like quiche, this show is meant to be shared with friends!"

K.D. Hopkins

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