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  The Snow Queen Reviews
The Snow Queen
Filament Theatre

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Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...Allegra Libonati's guided her talented six-member cast with great energy and empathy for her audience. The actors earnestly welcome their young audience to enter into the story. They brilliantly create dozens of characters who breathe life into Andersen's story of friendship. Golden-throated Sonia Goldberg is sweet, brave and sincere as Gerda; boyishly handsome Nico Fernandez is plucky and playful as Kai, along with several other characters; and Kristin Hammargren is properly majestic and commanding as the selfish, coldhearted Snow Queen. The rest of Andersen's huge cast of characters are played by the gifted Sarah Hecht, Rejinal Simon and, as mentioned, versatile actor and puppeteer Andrew Marchetti. This is one cast that absolutely lives up to the definition of an ensemble."
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Colin Douglas