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  The Pursuit of Happiness Reviews
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness
BoHo Theatre at Online Stream
Thru - Dec 31, 2020

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BoHo Theatre at Online Stream

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Windy City Times- Recommended

"...That same isolation mandates solitary entertainers overcoming spartan recording-booth acoustics, bare-bones instrumentals and the occasional missed note, but by the time esteemed artist/activist Marguerite Mariama exhorts us in a rousing triple-lyric finale to "Stand up! Stand up!" we are as cognizant as we are appreciative of the talent and industry-don't forget BoHo director/curator Sana Selemon. accompanist Nick Graffagna and video editors Tony Churchill and Charles Riffenburg-going into the assembly of this contemplation on a privilege too often taken for granted."
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Mary Shen Barnidge