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  The Flower Of Hawaii Reviews
The Flower Of Hawaii
The Flower Of Hawaii

The Flower Of Hawaii
Stage 773
Thru - Jul 14, 2019

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Stage 773

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Chicago Reader- Recommended

"...The show's main draw is its tuneful, catchy score, packed with sentimental waltzes, jaunty fox trots, rousing marches, and syncopated jazz. The excellent 19-piece orchestra led by conductor Anthony Barrese features the evocative sounds of Hawaiian guitar and ragtime piano. There's plenty of energetic dancing and lots of lovely singing, despite some occasional problems with the acoustic balance between the vocalists and the onstage orchestra."
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Albert Williams

WTTW- Recommended

"...For all it's polish and ambition I can't say the show has turned me into a fan of the operetta style. But "The Flower of Hawaii" is unquestionably an artifact of musical theater interest, and this might just be the only chance you will ever have to experience it."
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Hedy Weiss Recommended

"...The dance is another aspect of The Flower of Hawaii that is quite notable. It opens with a solo conch-shell dance by Ivory Leonard IV, and his recurring dance appearances are wonderful. Likewise for Ysaye McKeever, who plays Okelani - and seems to lead the company in the expressive traditional Hawaiian dance style. No wonder - McKeever, who is a choreographer for Teatro Luna, has trained in dance in Taipei and has completed her first level of training at Tupuna Kultur, a Tahitian culture school in Moorea, Tahiti."
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Bill Esler

Chicago Theater and Arts- Recommended

"...Most musicals and operettas of this period are basically revues designed to entertain audiences with a variety of song and dance numbers constructed around a loosely organized plot. In short the story-line is farcical, campy and largely inconsequential. The individual performances are what is important and this talented cast does not disappoint."
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Reno Lovison

Picture This Post- Somewhat Recommended

"...In this reviewer's opinion, the featured singers/actors in THE FLOWER OF HAWAII are first rate. Tenor Rodell Rosel as Prince Lilo-Taro and Baritone Nicholas Pulikowski as Captain Stone lifted the performance with their large full voices in both operatic and comic songs. Unfortunately, Marisa Buchhelt as Princess Laia and Angela Yu as Raka were underserved by the microphone system. Their lighter voices were drowned by the proximity of the orchestra. William Roberts as John Buffy, Ryan Trent Oldham as Jimmy Fox and Rose Guccione as Hattie and Perroquet were burlesque comics, buffooning, dancing, and singing their ways through the light plot. However, their spoken lines were difficult to understand. The full of cast of 24, many talented students at our local music schools, performed well in the confining space."
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Ann Boland