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  The Fantasticks Reviews
The Fantasticks
Skokie Theatre

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Around The Town Chicago- Recommended

"...Do you want to see a great show at a great theatre? Go see the Fantasticks at the Skokie Theatre. I have to admit, I am biased for this show. My brother, Jeff Niles was in this show 4 times in the past. I totally enjoyed this production. Being a singer & musician myself, I usually am critical, but this show & staging is wonderful."
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Rick Moskovitz

Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...The cast was spot on with their timing, chemistry and tearfully beautiful voices. As critics writing reviews, we look for some kind of fault to expose and maybe improve upon. We could find no fault with this timeless tale of two teenagers in love, two fathers trying to draw them closer by saying no and having a fake feud and a wall that was built to bring everyone together."
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Shelly Berry

Chicago Theater and Arts- Recommended

"...The material is brilliant and stands on its own and is why it is popular as a high school or community theater production but in a professional venue it should be held to higher standard and go one step beyond."
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Reno Lovison

Chicago On Stage- Recommended

"...Skillfully directed by Jefferson Award Winner Stephen M. Genovese, the play boasts an excellent cast. Beautiful Luisa and handsome Matt are both winsome and sensual with great chemistry. The two fathers, Hucklebee and Bellomy (Mark Anderson and Darryn Glass) are delightful comics. Sinister El Gallo played by extremely tall Edward MacLennan is wonderfully larger than life as his fine voice and gestures dominate the action, and his henchmen Henry (Brad Davidson) and Mortimer (Nate Hall) are hilarious. Mortimer is superb at displaying stage deaths."
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Karen Topham