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  The Boys Next Door Reviews
The Boys Next Door
The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door
Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
Thru - Feb 20, 2011

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Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

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Chicago Stage Standard- Highly Recommended

"...In the very best productions of "The Boys Next Door," the audience comes to care for these characters, four "special needs" residents of a rehabilitation home, and the social worker assigned to monitor their reacclimation into mainstream society.  The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre's current visit with "The Boys" is up there with the best I have seen.  Director David Belew treats the material and characters with the utmost sensitivity and subtlety they deserve, showing that those with disabilities are every bit as human as anyone else.  Working for nine months with local "special needs" organizations and their members, this beautful cast has elicited all the foibles, humor and heart to earn our sympathy without pity. "

Joe Stead

Chicago Theater Beat- Highly Recommended

"...The Boys Next Door waivers on that fine line between comedy and tragedy, pulling from both to create a touching, funny, sad and wonderful portrayal of how five men live their lives and what it means to have each other in their lives. They create a genuine emotional connection with the audience that both tickles the funny bones and pulls on the heart strings. Mostly importantly, the play never mocks or pokes fun at those with special needs, but simply offers a glimpse into their lives."

Allegra Gallian