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  The Best Of Bri-Ko Reviews
The Best Of Bri-Ko
The Best Of Bri-Ko

The Best Of Bri-Ko
Stage 773
Thru - Mar 23, 2017

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Stage 773

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Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended

"...They may skip the azure greasepaint, oil-drum tom-toms, and Twinkies, but physical comedy trio Bri-Ko (Brian Posen, Brian Peterlin, and Tim Soszko) still have a lot in common with Blue Man Group. Both keep clear of spoken words. Both cultivate oddball, puppyish personas. Both work to a beat, whether they generate it themselves or, like Bri-Ko, cop it off Carmina Burana. And both are very, very big on making messes."
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Tony Adler

Around The Town Chicago- Recommended

"...What can I say about “Bri-Ko”? “Bri-Ko is hard to describe. It’s kind of like Blue Man Group meets the Three Stooges with Marcel Marceau and the Marx Brothers dropping in to help out. The antics of Brian Posen, Tim Soszko, and Brian Peterlin, had me laughing within about 3 minutes, and I kept on laughing right up to the end."
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Carol Moore