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  Terminus at Athenaeum Theatre


Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport Chicago

Interrobang Theatre Project brings TERMINUS-the international sensation and tour de force of poetry and drama-to the Chicago stage for the first Midwest production with an American cast. A- scours the depths of Dublin to rescue her ex-student who is about to take a life. B- finds herself face-to-face with a demon and falls in love just in time. C- sold his soul to the devil for the world's greatest voice, but he's building a body count faster than an audience. TERMINUS is a supernatural fantasy of interlocking monologues sweeping the audience on a helter-skelter ride through the wildest parts of the imagination, our greatest hopes, and our darkest fears. Be warned - it's not for the faint of heart!

Presented by Interrobang Theatre Project

Thru - Oct 6, 2013

Price: $25

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 773-935-6875

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  Terminus Reviews
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Chicago Tribune - Recommended

"...The script is wedded to a brisk, profane rhyming structure ("'Christ, she got me good,' I think as I clean my face of blood at the sink") that would be irritating if the performances weren't so insistently strong, particularly Christina Hall's do-gooder (she's terrific when imitating a rough, young gal her character confronts) and Michaela Petro's jaded singleton who finds herself unexpectedly and quite literally swept off her feet."
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Nin Metz

Chicago Reader - Recommended

"...Here, director Jeffry Stanton takes another tack entirely—punching up the energy at every opportunity, pushing the actors' gestures so far that they start looking like American Sign Language. The result is an Interrobang Theatre Project show that's fierce from moment to moment (and very nearly worth recommending on that account) but lacks cumulative power."
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Tony Adler

Centerstage - Highly Recommended

"...This play is entirely worth seeing; a bold, adventurous yarn, told with the right balance of conviction and distance that brings the audience closer in with every insane twist. Interrobang wants you along for the ride these characters are on. Like any tall tale, whether you walk away believing it or not is not really the point; it's a story, and you buy it because it's told well."

John Dalton

Time Out Chicago - Highly Recommended

"...Interrobang co-artistic director Jeffry Stanton's production stages those trips harrowingly with his exceptional cast. Stanton and company harness and ride O'Rowe's rhyming structure with a momentum that grows as it accelerates while never losing their footing. Even Mike Mroch's and Claire Chrzan deceptively simple, industrial set and lighting design reflect the production's maturity and precision."
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Dan Jakes

Chicago Stage Standard - Highly Recommended

"...Director Jeffry Stanton deserves credit for shaping the narrative and keeping the specificity of the language. There are times when one wishes he had directed the actors to allow the words to do their thing-some of the physical gestures and movements are not as precise as the vocal transitions. Tightening up the action of the play and focusing on fewer gestural flourishes would lend power to some moments that were not incisive enough. It would also allow the language to mesmerize the audience more completely-he lets the viewer off the hook too many times, letting the humor linger long enough to diffuse the tension and giving the actors and audience too many chances to reflect on what is happening as it unfurls. Nevertheless, he succeeds in plunging the audience into a horrifying world and then revealing that it is terrifyingly like our own."

Kerstin Broockmann

Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended

"...Director Jeffry Stanton, co-artistic director of Interrobang Theatre Project, has carefully sculpted a theatrical gem. Stanton's used the space with great specificity and poignancy, making sure each and every movement contributed only to the arch of the piece."
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Dan Haymes

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   This show has been Jeff Recommended*

*The designation of "Jeff Recommended" is given to a production when at least ONE ELEMENT of the show was deemed outstanding by the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee.

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