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  SnowGirls - The Musical Reviews
SnowGirls - The Musical
SnowGirls - The Musical

SnowGirls - The Musical
Hell in a Handbag Productions at Mary's Attic
Thru - Dec 30, 2018

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Hell in a Handbag Productions at Mary's Attic

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Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...Directed and choreographed by Jon Martinez, SnowGirls boasts crisply timed physical humor, plentiful sight gags, and an onslaught of seasonal double entendres about "coming down the chimney" and stockings being "hung" whose obviousness is part of their rowdy charm. But the aggressive, sexy dancing is no joke. Snowgirls puts the X back in Xmas."
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Albert Williams

Chicago Theatre Review- Recommended

"...The story is episodic and inventively recreates the plot of the 1995 Joe Eszterhas/Paul Verhoeven movie, scene-by-scene. Audiences unfamiliar with the film, which this musical parodies, may get a little confused by what exactly is happening, or the lack of clear exposition. However, there’s enough over-the-top characters, R-rated scenarios, raunchy dialogue, double-entendres and lascivious dance moves, created by director/choreographer Jon Martinez, to carry rowdy audiences through this adult holiday entertainment."
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Colin Douglas

Chicagoland Musical Theatre- Recommended

"...What Snowgirls lacks in any sort of substance, it more than makes up for with its bawdy premise, its deliciously smutty humor and its commitment to making a glittering holiday delight."
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Jan Recker