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  Schoolhouse Rock Live! at Broadway Playhouse

Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Broadway Playhouse
175 East Chestnut Street Chicago

Through unforgettable songs such as "Just a Bill" and "Conjunction Junction," a nervous schoolteacher must discover how to charm his students through imagination and music on the first day of class. Based on the entertaining and educational Emmy Award-winning animated series, Schoolhouse Rock Live! brings the treasured Saturday-morning melodies of the '70s back in a hip new way.

Thru - Aug 28, 2016

Price: $15-$20

Show Type: Childrens

Box Office: 800-745-3000
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  Schoolhouse Rock Live! Reviews
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Chicago Reader - Recommended

"...It's aimed at kids ages three to 13, but this Emerald City Theatre production of the 70s Saturday-morning favorite may also appeal to nostalgic parents. Performed by four vibrant singer/dancer/actors, the show is framed by the story of Tom (Ron King), a new teacher, on the first day of the school year; the three other actors announce themselves as he prepares for his classes. More than 20 musical numbers follow, all the classics from "I'm Just a Bill" to "Conjunction Junction.""
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Suzanne Scanlon

Windy City Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...I saw the original BAM production created by Chicagoans years ago and absolutely loved it. In subsequent years I have seen productions produced from theaters to gay bars and I have to say this is my least favorite. The other productions balanced the fun of the songs with a tongue in cheek show. This production feels more like something that should be at an assembly in a grade school. I did miss some of their song omissions like "Lolly Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here" and "Elbow Room". For something educational to take your kids to, and not expensive, this is a good show for you. For adults who want a nostalgia trip this is a miss. I wanted my "Interjections" to be WOW! but it was mostly "meh.""
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Eric Karas

Chicago Stage Standard - Recommended

"...It's a fun house theme park ride. It calmly takes you around, shows you all of the songs and sights you remember from your childhood and presents them in a simple and lovely way. It's not going to have the ups and downs and twists and turns of the larger, more fun rides, but it's still nice. The drawback is that the ride is so calming and comfortable that the children are just as likely to fall asleep as jump out and join the fun. It's a production that is definitely worth taking your kids to, but don't be surprised if they spend at least part of the show wondering why mommy and daddy are having so much fun."

Jerald Raymond Pierce

Around The Town Chicago - Recommended

"...The show is fun! The four actors who perform are highly energetic and talented. Jed Feder is an amazing talent and Lillie Cummings has more energy than any 10 people I know. Emily Goldberg is adorable (they need body mike the 4 actors as the hand mikes did not do the job) and Ron King is powerful. Mr. King plays Tom, a school teacher who is about to do his first day of school. He nervously awakes and puts the TV on. It is then that the characters of Dori (Ms Cummings), Shulie (Ms Goldberg) and George (Mr. Feder) come to life. From this point, through musical numbers, a myriad of costumes (Sarah Jo White) and props (Greg Pinsoneault) along with video projections (Michael Stanfill) the theater is filled with the learning that was brought to the television screen" back in the day"."
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended

"...Perhaps a bit short on plot, but towering with morals, the lessons this show teaches and the fond memories it evokes makes Emerald City’s new production especially recommended for children, grades 2-6 (along with their parents and grandparents). If, unbelievably, a child is unfamiliar with these wonderfully catchy, colorful instructional ditties, then this show is a must-see to introduce them to these catchy songs. But if audiences are simply looking for a joyful, intoxicating blast from the past to share with their kids, this is absolutely the best way to both introduce young people to theatre, reinforce some of the lessons learned in school and put a spring in everyone’s step."
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Colin Douglas

Chicago Theater Beat - Highly Recommended

"...In the span of just under an hour, Schoolhouse Rock Live! covers everything from pronouns to women's suffrage, all with a snappy wit that's aged well from its seventies heyday. Emerald City Theatre and Broadway in Chicago have a summer hit on their hands: every family with elementary-aged children and every grade school group should run, not walk (well, probably walk because it's safer than running), to this jubilant celebration of education. Even I'm rhyming now!"

Lauren Whalen

Third Coast Review - Somewhat Recommended

"...Ending the show in one hour’s time, the cast led us through a journey of the past, when Schoolhouse Rock was utilized in every class I took, and helped me to learn such vital subject details. I was happy to see these old favorites dusted off and performed anew in front of a new audience. For children and adults alike, Schoolhouse Rock Live! proved to be a fun show that had many of us singing along."
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Sarah Brooks

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