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  Saving Wonderland at Live Online

Saving Wonderland

Live Online

What happened to Wonderland after Alice returned home? Find out in Seize The Show's exciting step forward in live performance gaming. In this innovative new adventure, the audience is plunged back down the rabbit hole as Alice herself, choosing the direction of the story in this fantastical re-thinking of the popular classic. Filled with beloved characters and mind-bending puzzles, the familiar turns peculiar as you search for missing gears from the White Rabbit's watch in order to restore order to Wonderland and help save the day. A new, family-friendly adventure like you've never experienced it before - live, interactive and in real time! With numerous possible endings, your choices control the story and guide the action to turn back the hands of time over and over and over again.

Jan 21 - Jan 23, 2021

Thu, Jan 21: 7:00pm
Fri, Jan 22: 7:00pm
Sat, Jan 23: 7:00pm

Show Type: Comedy

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