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Peter Pan
Peter Pan

Peter Pan
threesixty° entertainment at Chicago Tribune Freedom Center
Thru - Aug 21, 2011

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threesixty° entertainment at Chicago Tribune Freedom Center

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Chicago Tribune- Somewhat Recommended

"...When “Peter Pan” is up in the air, you can see mouths falling open all around at William Dudley's visuals. But as soon as Peter, Tinker Bell and the Darlings hit the floor, the show gets trapped in long, dull sections of pantomime-like theatricality that not only don't integrate well with the show's signature aerial sequences, they can't maintain the kind of narrative momentum that keeps you involved in the story of the boy with a distaste for adult life, and his various lost, mortal and fairy friends."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Sun Times- Recommended

"...The tent is the temporary home of The threesixty Theatre production of “Peter Pan,” an ambitious hybrid of live theater, aerial arts, puppetry and supremely advanced computer-generated visuals — a project that began in London and is now on a U.S. tour. An intriguing, if not entirely successful attempt to spin J. M. Barrie’s classic story of a slightly off-kilter Edwardian English family into a whirlwind of 21st century imaginary possibilities, the show, directed by Ben Harrison and spectacularly designed by William Dudley, contains many sequences of sweeping beauty and dreamy wonderment. Above all there is a breathtaking flight to Neverland that carries the audience on a vertiginous journey over London rooftops, through the Marble Arch, along the River Thames and high into the clouds before a rough landing on a Caribbean island where a pirate ship hovers."
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Hedy Weiss

Examiner- Somewhat Recommended

"...Part of the problem with Peter Pan lies in its underwritten characters, a problem that is compounded by cartoonish acting styles more suited to a Saturday morning cartoon than a live stage show. There’s not much more depth to Peter, Wendy and Hook than there is to the gossamer slip of a shadow Peter loses in the Darling nursery. Evelyn Hoskins’ Wendy is the production’s most empathetic character, charming both Peter and the audience with her guileless, wide-eyed wonder. She makes a nice foil for the tough, twinkling Tinker Bell, played with as a punkish, mischievousness minx by Emily Yetter."

Catey Sullivan

Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...So Threesixty Entertainment is squarely in the tradition with this staging, presented in a souped-up tent fitted out with a kind of digital cyclorama: CGI images are projected on a screen that rests like a halo over the playing area and audience. It's exceedingly cool during passages involving movement, as when Peter and the Darling children fly over Edwardian London on their way to Neverland. But for most of the show the images just sit there, looking oversaturated. The real excitement is the play itself, which is at once charming and fascinatingly bizarre. Certain moments make you wonder whether it was Barrie and not Alfred Jarry who started absurdism."
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Tony Adler

Windy City Times- Somewhat Recommended

"...So, ultimately, the question is whether a handful of spectacular animated visuals and some extra-high flying are sufficient to justify the enormous complexity and expense of the production. I don't think they are. A dialogue-driven play is not easily compatible with a circus tent presentation. In this setting and with this technology, Peter Pan wants to be more fanciful and surprising than it is, but the play restricts it. The athletic, attractive and charming cast is not to be faulted. Anglo-Irish actor Ciaran Joyce is in command as Peter supported by Evelyn Hoskins as Wendy and Steven Pacey elegantly underplaying the double roll of Mr. Darling and Capt. Hook."
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Jonathan Abarbanel

Talkin Broadway- Recommended

"...Taken individually, the production elements are not always mind-blowing, especially for a regular Chicago theatergoer. The flying is performed artfully and gracefully, but you'll see more spectacular acrobatics at Lookingglass Theatre. The puppetry—particularly the huge Newfoundland dog Nana and the two-man powered crocodile that is Captain Hook's nemesis—is impressive, but you'll find more surprising puppetry at a Quest Ensemble production. Still, these elements all come together in service of the story, and create an immersive fantasy world that takes us off to Neverland. And even if we miss the songs from the stage musical version of Peter Pan, there's something to be gained from seeing the story performed more faithfully to the J.M. Barrie original play and novelization."
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John Olson

Centerstage- Somewhat Recommended

"...However, as exciting as the technical support is, the storytelling tends to pale in contrast. To be fair, the entire play would have to be set in the air or underwater for it to top the opening sequence. So as it is, the remainder of the play feels flat and bland despite the cast’s considerable talent and expertise. Emily Yetter’s funny, feisty Tinkerbell captures the audience’s fancy with her jealous outbursts and salty expletives. Evelyn Hoskins infuses Wendy with adolescent energy and honest emotion, while Ciaran Joyce’s Peter is properly both pixie and realistic young boy. Steven Pacey as Captain Hook is sinister without becoming too terrifying and provides a nice contrast to his Mr. Darling."

Colin Douglas

Time Out Chicago- Recommended

"...Performed by an attractive cast of British and American actors (including several Chicago locals), this Peter Pan is often engaging in an adventure-story groove. But its vignette-style set pieces—Tiger Lily’s dance for Peter, John and Michael’s encounter with the mermaids—feel like unconnected points on a map. And neither Ronder’s script nor Ciaran Joyce’s performance as Peter demonstrate the magnetism and charm that would compel Wendy and her brothers to follow him out the window and straight on till morning."
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Kris Vire

ChicagoCritic- Highly Recommended

"...Don’t let the visuals and special effects fool you, this Peter Pan is still a well acted piece of theatre that deftly tells its story in a most robust manic manner. This complex and tight production is a flawless blend of high visuals and traditional theatre that engages us with thrills and heartfelt fantasy. It gives us the opportunity to be a child again so we can experience the wonders of our unadulterated imagination to allows us to soar the heavens, to live adventures, and to escape from the real world. This Peter Pan is pure theatrical magic! Peter Pan is one of the finest touring shows to arrive in Chicago in years!  It is the kind of show that begs to be seen more than once.  Take the entire family to see Peter Pan – they’ll love you more for the experience."
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Tom Williams

Let's Play at ChicagoNow- Somewhat Recommended

"... I've now seen three PETER PAN shows this year. Emerald City's Peter Pan was a fun family pleaser with comedy and sentimentality that reaches the child in all of us. Lookingglass Theatre's adaptation was a whimsical spectacle swirled in dark realism with a definite adult target. Threesixty Degrees' PETER PAN fits somewhere in between kids and adults, extravaganza and stageplay, pretend and reality, flying and grounded."
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Katy Walsh

Chicago Stage Standard- Highly Recommended

"...The journey to Neverland is a long one but the rewards are grand.  Threesixty’s production of “Peter Pan” is the year’s must-see event.  The experience given is awesome; everything from the show to the staff creates an excellent environment for theatre.  While I would highly recommend this production to anyone, I do feel that there were a few moments that might be a little extreme for really young audience members.  Other than that there is simply no reason you should not experience the phenomenon known as “Peter Pan”.  Broadway In Chicago and threesixty° entertainment's spectacular threesixty° stage production of “Peter Pan” is extending into the summer through July 10, 2011."

Tyler Tidmore

Around The Town Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...The performers, all talented and all appearing to be having fun in their roles, are: Evelyn Hoskins as Wendy, The incredible Ciaran Joyce as Peter, Steven Pacey in the dual roles of Mr. Darling and Captain Hook, The incredible and adorable Emily Yetter as Tinker Bell, Tom Larkin as John Darling,Scott Weston as Michael and Ms. Regina Leslie as Mrs Darling and Never Bird. The lead Puppeteer, who takes on the role of Nana is deftly handled by Joshua Holden and after you get past the first few minutes, the puppet almost seems to be real and we almost don’t notice the puppeteer ( I guess that’s what makes him so special). The rest of the ensemble are all splendid with some wonderful Aerial work by Kasumi Kao and Amanda Goble as the Mermaids and a unique portrayal of Tiger Lily by the very agile Heidi Buehler."
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theater Beat- Highly Recommended

"...When the audience shouts out how much they believe In fairies, you sense the same splendid stagecraft that worked so well in 1904. But here state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology makes it even larger than life and as vibrant a fantasy as memory could make it."

Lawrence Bommer