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  Prophet$ Reviews

Factory Theater
Thru - Jul 20, 2019

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Factory Theater

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Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended

"...Though Prophet$ is a world premiere, it plays like an exercise in nostalgia—a tribute to 80s film comedies like Weekend at Bernie's, Revenge of the Nerds, Three Men and a Baby, and the National Lampoon's Vacation franchise. Under Wm. Bullion's direction, this Factory Theater production compensates for implausible plotting with over-the-top clowning. A welcome note of emotional honesty is injected by Lorraine Freund as Agnes, an elderly victim of Vic's con."
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Albert Williams

Windy City Times- Highly Recommended

"...Under the direction of Wm. Bullion, the progress of our heroes and the social commentary conveyed therein is illustrated in comic-book proportions: at one point, the corrupt Rev. Goode succumbs to full-blown Chick-tract rage, while a promo for the Church of the Prophet-as our faux amen-snorters baptize their pastorate-features tropes from the golden age of music videos, choreographed by Becca Holloway and backed by a Dag Juhlin song so period-perfect you'll look for it on"
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Mary Shen Barnidge

NewCity Chicago- Somewhat Recommended

"...“Prophet$” is a good-natured muddle of a show that can’t quite decide what it is or what it believes. Playwright-actor Anthony Tournis and director Wm. Bullion stir together elements of melodrama, musical and sketch comedy in this gonzo depiction of grasping, conniving televangelists circa 1988, and their earnest, simple-minded followers. The result is an intermittently entertaining but not fully blended mixture of crude humor (Factory Theater’s stock in trade) and real feeling."
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Hugh Iglarsh

Chicago On Stage- Recommended

"...Prophet$ gets a bit lost in its final act, as if playwright Tournis is uncertain how to give both "preachers" their comeuppance while still maintaining the level of absurd comedy he's woven throughout, but the ending is nonetheless satisfying. Although it isn't an extremely deep play, Prophet$ is certainly a fun and funny one that left more than one audience member convulsing with laughter on opening night. It's well worth a trip to Howard St. to experience the latest offering from this little gem of a company."
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Karen Topham

Rescripted- Somewhat Recommended

"...For a theatre that prides itself on originality, this production was a disappointing parade of old tropes. The style is dated, and we've seen this plot before. Leap of Faith starring Steve Martin premiered in 1992, with the same subject matter and nearly the same date as Prophet$. Very soon HBO will premiere its new show The Righteous Gemstones which follows a group of three men who make some serious cash in the religion game. Prophet$ presents a narrative we already know without anything new to say. I look forward to seeing what Factory Theater will bring in their next season that better fits their goal: Original. Bold. And Full-Tilt."
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Sierra Carlson