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  Simply Liam at Cornservatory

Simply Liam

4210 N Lincoln Ave Chicago

LIAM is comic patience. LIAM is long form to the max. A suggestion of a location and a silent beginning that is followed by one continuous scene. No character jumps, no time dashes, just total investment in who the characters are and what relationship they have with one another. LIAM is a quartet of friends that trust each other enough to let the silence speak for them. An expression, a glance, a walk; all of these are the small things that don't go unnoticed in a LIAM scene. And it's these small things that are built upon to create LIAM’s world. And on November 2nd, Corn Productions invites you to enter that world as they present, Simply Liam.

Thru - Nov 30, 2012

Fridays: 8:00pm

Price: $15

Show Type: Comedy

Box Office: 773-650-1331

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  Simply Liam Reviews
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Centerstage - Recommended

"... The headlining troop LIAM describe its work as “long-form” improv; they do not switch scenes and they do not switch characters. Once given a suggestion, they spread over the stage in silence, in concentration, and alone, but together, form their characters. At my show, the comedy went dark, quickly. Incest, war, dementia, death. All from the suggestion “Grandpa.” Cynthia Kmak has a particular talent for containing and expanding the narrative, filling in her fellow performers’ silences when necessary or backing off from a situation that threatens to go too far. Justine Krueger is quite the opposite. She’s ready to fling anything (including an overly sexual, homicidal seven-year old) at her peers and the audience, making the story unique but also a bit unwieldy. Katie Tyner plays a great straight woman and Grant Collins seems up for anything. The group has great chemistry and an innovative vision for improv. Overall, “Simply Liam” won me over."

Kristin Walters

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