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  MeTube at Flat Iron Arts Building


Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago

What is it like to be an overnight Internet sensation? Chicago beatboxer Yuri Lane knows all about it. His beatbox harmonica video, featuring his extraordinary talent, went viral on YouTube, garnering millions of hits and making him an instant star in cyberspace. Created with Sharif Ezzat and Rachel Havrelock, MeTube, Yuri's new sixty minute multimedia beatbox show, reflects on this exhilarating and strange experience by turning virtual reality into theatrical fantasy.

Thru - Apr 8, 2012

Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 7:00pm

Price: $15-$20

Show Type: Performance Art

  MeTube Reviews
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Chicago Tribune - Somewhat Recommended

"... But the fractured and awkward "MeTube" doesn't cohere into a fully cogent analysis, mostly because it is severely underwritten by Rachel Havrelock (who also directs, with John Wilson) and it is insufficiently revelatory. The show flits around — Lane does his singular human-beatbox thing, fiddles with an on-stage computer and has a conversation with a video image of himself, which, like many theatrical conversations between live performers and video images, does not work at all. He asks the interesting question as to whether a live performance has really happened anymore unless it is filmed, embedded, sponsored and Tweeted (much the same could be asked of modern life). But he does not seem to have figured out what he really wants to say about all this, even though we really want to hear his views. However many sounds they contain."
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Chris Jones

Time Out Chicago - Not Recommended

"...But like Crocker and Zonday, both of whom Lane briefly impersonates here, Lane’s notoriety fades faster than his ego could handle. He finds himself obsessing over his video’s hit count and ends up at a humiliating audition for America’s Got Talent. And that’s about it. Lane’s mic skills are intermittently impressive; his observations aren’t. In an age when 20-year-olds are cranking out memoirs, the standards of notability may have sunk, but Lane’s slight story still doesn’t merit most-viewed status."
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Kris Vire

ChicagoCritic - Somewhat Recommended

"...If you have enjoyed Yuri Lane on YouTube, you will probably enjoy seeing him in this live performance. If not, you might consider going to experience beatbox and hear a definite talent who is more than ready to burst onto a larger scene."
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Margaret Eva

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