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  Offsprung Reviews

Rubicon Theatre Project at Second Stage Theatre
Thru - Dec 20, 2008

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Rubicon Theatre Project at Second Stage Theatre

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Chicago Tribune- Somewhat Recommended

"...The play (directed by Josh Johnson) has good momentum—you're always wondering what happens next—but the story lacks a clear objective, and both the first act and the final scene end awkwardly. The play could use more work, but it gives the ensemble plenty of room to show off their acting talents."
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Nina Metz

Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended

"...Playwright Bridget Fallen based this Rubicon Theatre Project premiere on the cast's improvisations, and it shows: too often, scenes reveal character tics when they should be advancing the story. And with incongruous elements vying to define this darkly comic portrayal of a family crippled by the mother's suicide--including a 16-year-old girl who refuses to speak except to an imaginary version of her father--neither Fallen nor director Josh Johnson can keep everything in focus."
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Justin Hayford

Time Out Chicago- Somewhat Recommended

"...Rubicon’s actors provide portrayals that are earnest of characters whose motivations aren’t. (One sister remains mute throughout because she fears her voice curses the listener. Really?) Wooden exposition damages most budding playwrights’ efforts, but at least it doesn’t mar this vague sketch of human conduct until the final moments. And in that way, Offsprung still earns points for the sheer audacity of its missteps."
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Christopher Shea