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School Of Rock  
Cadillac Palace Theatre School Of Rock
SCHOOL OF ROCK is a New York Times Critics' Pick and "AN INSPIRING JOLT OF ENERGY, JOY AND MAD SKILLZ!" (Entertainment Weekly). Based on the hit film, this hilarious new musical follows Dewey Finn, a wannabe rock star posing as a substitute teacher who turns a class of straight-A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. This high-octane smash features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, all the original songs from the movie and musical theater's first-ever kids rock band playing their instruments live on stage. Vanity Fair raves, "FISTS OF ALL AGES SHALL BE PUMPING!"
Scrooge and the Ghostly Spirits  
Citadel Theatre Company Scrooge and the Ghostly Spirits
This world-premiere holiday musical is based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The family favorite brings all your most cherished characters and themes to life through an original score and the magic of song and dance. Bring the family to Citadel Theatre in Chicago's Lake Forest neighborhood for a show that'll warm your heart and put you in a holiday frame of mind.
Sense and Sensibility  
Wheaton Drama at Playhouse 111 Sense and Sensibility
Jane Austen's classic novel about two sisters, close at heart yet disparate in disposition, springs to life on the Playhouse 111 stage in a brisk retelling by Jon Jory. The Dashwood sisters Marianne (sense, as in sensory delights) and Elinor (sensibility) and their newly widowed mother must find a new home when father's inheritance detours to a half-brother and his stingy, manipulative wife. That change of venue brings opportunities for romance, but fickle hearts and capricious fate pose obstacles to their happiness. Director Randall W. Knott directs an outstanding cast in a fast-paced rendition of this time-honored literary treasure.
Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery  
Pegasus Theatre Chicago at Chicago Dramatists Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery
Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery is a magical memory play featuring songs and stories that follow a young black girl as she grows up in the civil rights-era South. The narrator, 25-year-old "Daughter," shares memories of being raised by a community of women -- some related, many not -- after losing her mother as a child. This timeless coming-of-age tale explores passage into womanhood, race and rituals in the 1960s South. Be uplifted by Shay Youngblood's stories of survival, healing, deep faith and mystery when the play comes to the stage of Chicago Dramatists Theatre courtesy of Pegasus.
Shark Tank: The Musical  
Annoyance Theatre Shark Tank: The Musical
Ever watch the TV show Shark Tank and think, "That show would make a great musical!"? Well, your friends at The Annoyance did. A great cast of Annoyance regulars play your favorite sharks Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Barbara and Robert, along with all kinds of characters and their crazy pitches as they try to land a deal. Come to Chicago's The Annoyance Theatre & Bar with some good ideas, because you just might find that you're pitching, too!
Significant Other  
Theater Wit Significant Other
Jordan Berman is a single gay man in New York City. Mr. Right is nowhere on his horizons. As he's nearing his 30s, his close group of girlfriends begin getting married en masse. What happens when you feel like life is leaving you behind but you're still expected to be at the forefront cheering on your friends on their perfect wedding day? Significant Other is a bittersweet comedy about friendship, single-hood and hoping you're not the one choking on car exhaust as the "Just Married" sign disappears from view.
The Sipping Hour  
The Public House Theatre The Sipping Hour
If you love programs like The Moth, This American Life and A Prairie Home Companion, but just wish you could be in the room where the stories are being told, look no further than your friendly, neighborhood storefront theater -- aka The Public House Theatre in Chicago. Once a month, The National American Presents The Sipping Hour, a live collection of stories, sketches and audio delights built around a single theme.
Sleeping Beauty  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Sleeping Beauty
Come visit this colorful kingdom where the vengeful sorceress Magenta places a wicked curse on the beautiful Princess Amber. Only a kiss from her one true love can unlock the spell and wake this Sleeping Beauty. Will Prince Hunter overcome his fears as he scales the mountains, sails the dark sea and battles the dragon to prove his love? Don't miss out on this captivating and colorful, musical fairy tale.
A Swell In The Ground  
The Gift Theatre A Swell In The Ground
In intimate rooms throughout New York and Michigan, four friends from college fight through 17 years of love affairs, shattered dreams and compromised lives. Flipping back and forth through time like a photobook, this play-whose title is from a line of Emily Dickinson poetry- is equally breathtaking and heartbreakingly spare as Olivia, Nate, Abagail, and Charles try to reconcile the lives they imagined with the lives they live.
Tangles and Plaques  
Neo-Futurists Tangles and Plaques
From the release, attached - Tangles & Plaques attempts to demystify the experience of dementia in the language of theatre-offering a vivid, poignant, participatory experience that is unique to each audience and different every performance. Creator Kirsten Riiber and Director Jen Ellison conduct a symphony of impossible tasks and egregious forgery with the help of the audience and a cast including Riiber, Kaitlyn Andrews, Ida Cuttler, Justin Deming, Mike Hamilton, Nick Hart and Dan Kerr-Hobert. With guidance from Memory Care Director Alex Schwaninger, a professional counselor at the local Bethany Retirement Community, the ensemble interrogates the life and death of memories- how they persist, when they depart and the ways they distort over time.
This Wonderful Life  
American Blues Theater at Edge Theatre This Wonderful Life
Founding Ensemble member and Chicago's original "George Bailey" James Leaming inhabits every role in this hilariously touching stage adaptation of the iconic holiday film "It's a Wonderful Life". George Bailey, Clarence, Mr. Potter, and the gang come to life as a single actor creates a heartwarming story about the effect one hardworking man's life has on the people around him.
Tick, Tick.... BOOM!  
The Cuckoo's Theater Project at Prop Theatre Tick, Tick.... BOOM!
"The sound you are hearing is not a technical problem. It is not a musical cue. It is not a joke. It is the sound of one man's mounting anxiety. I... am that man." Jon is an aspiring composer for musical theatre, who lives in SoHo, New York. He is nearing his 30th birthday and worries about his aging and lack of achievement. Michael, a friend of Jon's since childhood, gave up acting to pursue a more lucrative career as a research executive. Susan, Jon's girlfriend, is a dancer who teaches ballet to "wealthy and untalented children." Set in 1990, this compelling story of personal discovery is presented as a rock musical filled with instantly appealing melodies and a unique blend of musical theatre styles. Tick, Tick... BOOM! takes you on the playwright/composer's journey that led to a Broadway blockbuster.
The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves  
eta Creative Arts Foundation The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves
A lively musical about an insecure tiger who is feeling outclassed until his friends help him realize the best person to be is always yourself. Ideal for the entire family, "Tiger" teaches a valuable lesson about self-acceptance. It also encourages reading and experiencing of live theater by families. Audiences are encouraged to read the book and then see the play together. "The Tiger Who Wore white Gloves" by Gwendolyn Brooks was published by Third World Press in 1974. In 1980 Brooks' daughter wrote the musical based on the book. She also co-wrote the lyrics with Valerie King.
Under The Gun Theater Tinderella
Tinderella is a modern take on the classic fairy tale beginning "Once Upon a Swipe". An audience volunteer begins the show by swiping their way through a larger-than-life dating app, featuring a hilarious cast of potential "perfect matches". Once the characters are chosen, the cast improvises the best chapters of the fairy tale, proving that "happily ever after" isn't just for the storybooks.
Tis the Seasonal Depression  
Gayco Productions at Pride Arts Center - The Broadway Tis the Seasonal Depression
This holiday season let GayCo Productions lift your spirits (especially the boozy kind) and make your Yule tide even gayer. Through all new scenes and songs - from finding Santa’s perfect mate, to seeing why it is better to give than to receive a terrifying present, to when your body type preferences bleed into your holiday décor - Gayco’s ‘TIS THE SEASONAL DEPRESSION will remind you why this is, allegedly, the most wonderful time of the year. Who needs a Hatchimal or a Google Home when you can have the best gift ever: laughter!
Tommy Gun's Garage  
Tommy Gun's Garage Tommy Gun's Garage
The restaurant-cabaret presents a Roaring 20s-themed musical comedy revue in a speakeasy seting, with dining and drinking integrated into the show.
Tony 'n Tina's Wedding  
Chicago Theatre Works Tony 'n Tina's Wedding
Presented by the original New York producers, in conjunction with Chicago Theater Works, comes the return of one of Chicago's longest-running, smash hit shows, Tony 'n Tina's Wedding -- and everyone's invited! You and the other audience members are treated like family at this interactive improvisational comedy. The fun starts with the happy couple's wedding ceremony inside a real church (Resurrection Church), followed by the all-inclusive reception just one block away at Vinnie Black's Coliseum, featuring a full Italian dinner, wedding cake, champagne toast, dancing to great music and lots of love and laughs. As part of the audience, you're considered a wedding guest and are allowed to mix, mingle and interact with all of the participants. You never know what drama you might get swept up in with this crazy Italian family! The improvisational nature of the show lets you go multiple times and see different stories play out each time.Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding will reopen in November 2009

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