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Tangles and Plaques  
Neo-Futurists Tangles and Plaques
Tangles & Plaques attempts to demystify the experience of dementia in the language of theatre-offering a vivid, poignant, participatory experience that is unique to each audience and different every performance. The ensemble interrogates the life and death of memories- how they persist, when they depart and the ways they distort over time.
These Shining Lives  
Three Crows at Piven Theatre These Shining Lives
"This isn't a fairy tale, though it starts like one. It's not a tragedy, though it ends like one." The Radium Dial Company hired thousands of women to hand paint watch and clock faces, using a luminescent paint made partially from the radioactive element radium, which was being hailed at the time for its amazing healing properties. But the workers weren't told about the dangers. More than just casualties, Catherine Wolfe Donohue and her friends fight fiercely to hold the company accountable for its negligence. These Shining Lives is based on the true story of the 1920s & '30s "Radium Girls" from Ottawa, Illinois. See it at the Piven Theatre in Evanston.
Tommy Gun's Garage  
Tommy Gun's Garage Tommy Gun's Garage
The restaurant-cabaret presents a Roaring 20s-themed musical comedy revue in a speakeasy seting, with dining and drinking integrated into the show.
Cadillac Palace Theatre Tootsie
The world premiere comedy musical, TOOTSIE, tells the story of a talented but difficult actor who struggles to find work until an audacious, desperate stunt lands him the role of a lifetime.
Writers Theatre Vietgone
It's 1975 and two young survivors (who may or may not be the playwright's parents) meet in a Vietnamese refugee camp in mid-America shortly after the fall of Saigon. Will this strange new land of cowboys, hippies and bikers allow them to fall in love? Playwright Qui Nguyen's wildly creative, irreverent style flips stereotypes on their head, remixing history and culture into a sexy, funny and energetic fantasia as he imagines how two soul mates might have found each other in a turbulent time.
WaistWatchers The Musical  
Royal George Theatre WaistWatchers The Musical
Grab your girlfriends and enjoy this hilarious and inspirational musical comedy that will leave you laughing so hard you'll burn more calories than you have all week. Come and dance in your seat or jump right in as WaistWatchers The Musical takes a hilarious and lighthearted look at four women dishing on food, diets, exercise, friendship, love and sex. Which one of the ladies is most like you? Carla: hitting the gym just so she can eat more chocolate and ice cream? Cheryl: aiming to relieve stress from work and keep looking good? Connie: Hitting the gym for the first time ever in order to feel sexy again? Cindy: Recently divorced and looking to tone up now that she's single and ready to mingle? Find out when this fun-filled musical comes to Chicago's Royal George Theatre.
We're Only Alive for A Short Amount of Time  
Goodman Theatre We're Only Alive for A Short Amount of Time
Growing up in an industrial English town, writer/performer David Cale escaped his parents' fraught marriage by singing in his bedroom and tending to birds in the animal hospital he built in a garden shed-until a tragedy changed everything. Lushly arranged songs and an intimate portrait of his mother-a charismatic woman trapped by her circumstances-unite in Cale's vivid testament of connecting to life when adversity is suddenly everywhere. With his "singular fusion of theater and performance art" (Chicago Tribune), Cale makes "reality and fantasy dissolve into stories as memorable as one's most vivid dreams" (The New York Times).

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