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Romeo and Juliet  
Odd's Bodkins at Cornservatory Romeo and Juliet
Odd's Bodkins presents Romeo & Juliet Elizabethan style at The Cornservatory, with modern-anachronistic costuming and a shorter rehearsal process. The end result is a production that is lively, fun, and more spontaneous than traditional productions, with live music and exciting combat scenes. It's also less of a time commitment -- this abridged edit of the bard's most famous play is expected to run about 90 minutes. The play follows the story of two young lovers from warring families. The pointless family feud drives them to desperate measures and ultimately, to death in a timeless story of passion and violence. Odd's Bodkins is a burgeoning independent and original Shakespeare company that raises up the voices of those normally outside the mainstream of theater culture by featuring people of color and LGBTQ performers, and brings a love of Shakespeare to the next generation through workshops and free school performances.
The Roommate  
Steppenwolf Theatre The Roommate
Sharon is Midwestern nice. But to Robyn, her new roommate from the Bronx, that just means nosy and very, very talkative. A comical mismatch leads to a surprising and touching friendship in this new comedy about how early-life choices lead to mid-life challenges and the unexpected rewards of bridging the divide.
Sagittarius Ponderosa  
Redtwist Theatre Sagittarius Ponderosa
Archer (still Angela to his family) returns home to the forests of eastern Oregon to care for his sick father. At night under the oldest Ponderosa Pine, he meets a stranger who knows the history of the forests. Sagittarius Ponderosa reveals the enduring ties between the roots beneath our feet and the mysteries of the human heart...and the journey of personal identity we all must take to become ourselves.
Scary Stories To Save Your Life  
About Face Theatre Youth Theatre Ensemble at Center on Halsted - Hoover-Leppen Theatre Scary Stories To Save Your Life
Need an antidote for your increased anxiety since the 2016 Presidential election? The award-winning About Face Youth Theatre presents an original horror play that will shock you right back into your senses. In a world of disappearing protections and increased violence against LGBTQ+ youth across the country, AFYT is serving up a collection of real life stories of survival, resistance and victory against the dark side.
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers  
Overshadowed Theatrical Productions Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
A rollicking adventure, set in 1850s Oregon, bursting with rambunctious energy, fun and romance. Milly, a new bride, attempts to civilize her husband Adam's six slovenly brothers at their wilderness ranch. The enthusiastic brothers soon take matters in their own hands as boisterous fun turns into desire, by kidnapping gloriously beautiful, cultured women. A musical clash of wits and refinement begins! The tunes ring with Oregon, mountain fun....and oohhhh the dancing! Don't miss this delightful wedding!
First Folio Theatre Shrew'd!
Set in a 1930's Chicago jazz club, SHREW'D! follows the lives of two sisters - the tempestuous songwriter, Kate, who simply doesn't have time for a man, and her sister, Bianca, an up-and-coming dance sensation. While trying to make their mark in their father's nightclub, the sisters meet Petruchio and Lucentio, two mugs who fall for them like the proverbial ton of bricks. A blend of Shakespeare's dialogue and original music and lyrics with a Chicago twist provides an unparalleled fusion of the original story and modern adaptation to set this story in the 21st century.
Red Theater Chicago at Strawdog Theatre Sickle
Five Ukrainian village women fight against the Soviets during the Holodomor - "death by hunger" - the name given to a famine engineered by Stalin's government in the early 1930s.
Southern Gothic  
Windy City Playhouse Southern Gothic
It's 1960. Ashford, Georgia. Tom Collins is the drink of choice. Dean Martin's on the radio. Everyone's driving a Cadillac, and Suzanne Wellington is about to turn 40. Four couples gather to celebrate the big day -- old college buddies who've known one another for decades. But even best friends keep secrets, and over the course of this evening's party, a few of those are bound to be revealed ... from a political scandal, to a hidden pregnancy, a secret love affair, and a business' corruption. Come to Chicago's Windy City Playhouse, explore, and be a fly on the wall for all the juicy drama of Southern Gothic. Mad Men meets Desperate Housewives in this one-of-kind, voyeuristic theater.
Steamworks: The Musical  
Annoyance Theatre Steamworks: The Musical
The popular Annoyance Theatre comedy Steamworks: The Musical is coming back -- with fun new songs and some outrageous new characters! This singing and dancing extravaganza tells the hilarious story of a wide-eyed young man who moves to the Windy City seeking love ... and instead stumbles into a legendary bathhouse, where his mind is blown by the colorful cast of characters who hang out there. Will he meet the man of his dreams? Or will all his hunky hopes disappear in a puff of bathhouse steam? Find out in in this fun-filled revival of Steamworks: The Musical at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar.
Stage 773 Storytown
From superheroes to undersea adventures, princesses to dinosaurs, Storytown takes you on an interactive, fully improvised adventure. The actors use audience suggestions and ideas to create a different story every week. Kids design the setting and help shape the story. The actors, artists and musicians bring it to life. When the possibilities are endless, no two stories are ever the same.
Support Group for Men  
Goodman Theatre Support Group for Men
Every Thursday in Wrigleyville is "Guys' Night" for a crew of longtime pals who gather to vent about middle-aged maladies ... and there's a "No Ladies" policy strictly enforced. Support Group for Men shows what happens one night when an unexpected visitor crashes the party. The gang's notions of what it means to be a man in today's America are suddenly upended and their status quo will never be the same. Don't miss this of-the-moment comedy by Ellen Fairey -- whose work the Chicago Tribune has hailed as "a must-see for anyone who follows important new plays" -- when it comes to Goodman Theatre at The Albert in Chicago.
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Tilikum
Tilikum was a king, and the oceans of the world were his. Now, he is a captive in a marine amusement park, doomed to live as an opportunity for profit. Alone behind bars he forgets the feel of freedom, but when fellow prisoners ignite the fires of his memory, he starts down a path that threatens to consume everything. Ripped from the headlines, Kristiana Rae Colón's Tilikum explores captivity, savagery and rebellion in a vital and visceral blend of theatre, drumming and dance. Poetic and lyrical, Tilikum calls out the power structures - both corporate and human - that ensure continued oppression, and the complicity of those willing to stand by and do nothing.
The Den Theatre Tinderella
Cinderella meets Tinder in this modern musical about finding the one ... and then the one after that. Your princess, Meg, longs for true love, but she can barely get a "like." Her fairy-god-roommate reveals the magic of Tinder and suddenly Prince Charming is only a swipe away. But Meg still has to get to the ball, catch BART before midnight and reconcile her fairy-tale dreams with grown-up reality ... all without losing her slippers. Don't miss this hysterical, racy and rocking adult musical at Chicago's Den Theatre.
Tommy Gun's Garage  
Tommy Gun's Garage Tommy Gun's Garage
The restaurant-cabaret presents a Roaring 20s-themed musical comedy revue in a speakeasy seting, with dining and drinking integrated into the show.
Two Gentlemen Of Verona  
Midsommer Flight at Various Parks Two Gentlemen Of Verona
Two Gentlemen Of Verona, to be performed over eight weekends in four different Chicago Park District parks, is believed to be Shakespeare's first play. The "Two Gentlemen" are Valentine and Proteus, who travel from Verona to Milan, where they fall in love with the same woman, even though Proteus professed to be in love with Julia, back in Verona. Or at least he thinks she's back in Verona. The comedy deals with many of the themes Shakespeare would explore in later plays, including loyalty and friendship, the foolishness of love and lovers and whether friendship trumps love.
Victims of Duty  
A Red Orchid Theatre Victims of Duty
Much of the original 1995 team come together to revisit Ionesco's absurd masterpiece. Choubert, the archetypal bourgeois everyman, and his wife Madeleine are spending a quiet evening at home when the Detective arrives to enlist their help in finding the previous tenant. A roller-coaster ride of high comedy and horrific tragedy as Choubert examines his past present and future in a quest to find out where Mallot could be hiding.
The View Upstairs  
Circle Theatre at Pride Arts Center - The Broadway The View Upstairs
When Wes, a young fashion designer from 2017, buys an abandoned building in the French Quarter of New Orleans, he finds himself transported to the UpStairs Lounge, a vibrant seventies gay bar. As this forgotten community comes to life, Wes embarks on an exhilarating journey of self-exploration that spans two generations of queer history. THE VIEW UPSTAIRS asks what has been gained and lost in the fight for equality, and how the past can help guide all of us through an uncertain future.

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