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Titanic (Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry, 1912)  
Online Stream Titanic (Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry, 1912)
The sinking of the RMS Titanic has long been studied for its historical significance and unmistakable hubris. A survivors' story fraught with intrigue, Owen McCafferty's Titanic (Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry, 1912) tells the story using verbatim testimonies from witnesses of the wreck. What emerges is a startling portrait of class, chaos, and moral ambiguity. Vanessa Stalling (Jeff Award-winning director of Photograph 51 and United Flight 232) brings her singular artistry to McCafferty's text. Leveraging audio technology, she and her team will create an expansive soundscape that allows the testimonies of each individual to resonate with audiences through a heightened, visceral experience that pushes the boundaries of design and theatrical performance. A digital version will be available to stream for patrons who do not yet wish to attend in person.
Twelfth Night  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Online Stream Twelfth Night
A new audio play with original music and immersive 360 sound. Taking inspiration from the immortal line "If music be the food of love play on!," Artistic Director Barbara Gaines reimagines Shakespeare's lyrical romance with all-new songs from composer Joriah Kwame. Mismatched lovers and a steward decked out in yellow stockings navigate the slippery shores of Illyria in search of their very own happy endings. Separated in a sea storm from her brother Sebastian and washed ashore, Viola adopts a male disguise and enters the service of Duke Orsino-only to find herself in the middle of a complex triangle of unrequited love.
Under the Trees' Voices  
Joffrey at Online Stream Under the Trees' Voices
"Under the Trees' Voices" speaks to the power of community in the age of social distancing. Stream the performance below.
The Venetians  
Oak Park Festival Theatre at Online Stream The Venetians
Othello, the Moorish general, wants to give his beloved Desdemona the beautiful secret wedding she deserves... but that means borrowing ducats. Unfortunately for him, the Jewish moneylender Shylock has spent too long among the terrible people of Venice to see this marriage as anything but a death sentence for Othello. Unbeknownst to Shylock, however, his own daughter has begun an illicit romance that may bring their whole world crashing down on all their heads. A crossover between Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and "The Tragedy of Othello," "The Venetians" uses two classical outsiders to ask questions about immigration, assimilation, national identity and what "acceptance" truly means.
Waiting For Tina Meyer  
First Folio Theatre at Online Stream Waiting For Tina Meyer
Come join Walter and Bob, two journeyman actors, on New Year's Eve, as they have a couple'a drinks in Finnegan's Roadhouse while they wait to see if Bob's mysterious date will show up. As they wile away the time with Robin the bartender and Carl the piano player, they enjoy a song or two and share some pithy insights about waiting for life, waiting for love, waiting to trod the boards again and...WAITING FOR TINA MEYER.
Wally World  
Steppenwolf Theatre at Online Stream Wally World
It's Christmas Eve and a group of Wally World employees are about to lose it. On the one day of the year the mega-department superstore is supposed to close its doors, secrets come to life that may destroy more than their holiday cheer. Their manager Andy is doing everything in her power to keep her store in line and her employees in check. But can hard truths from her past ruin everything she's ever worked for? Wally World is a festive, poignant examination of finding magic in the mundane as ten employees do everything, they can to find purpose in a place that has never seen purpose in them.
What is Left, Burns  
Steppenwolf Theatre at Online Stream What is Left, Burns
Two poets separated by age and distance engage in a video call rendezvous after fifteen years. Keith, a distinguished poet and professor of literature is moving towards retirement after a recent divorce from his wife. Ronnie, his younger former lover and mentee, has a New York Times bestselling book and a burgeoning career ahead of him. The two men wade through the connection they once had as they struggle with the desires that still bind them.
Where The Air Meets The Water  
Avalanche Theatre at Various Locations Where The Air Meets The Water
It's the third anniversary of AJ and Cara's friendship, and they've reached a fork in the road. Taking the form of conversational monologues about memories, aspirations, and art, the audience will walk with Cara or AJ through Chicago as they prepare to confront the future, whatever it holds. This intimate, one of a kind theatrical experience, concluding at the shore of Lake Michigan, is live performance reimagined for a post-pandemic world. This one-on-one walking play for one actor and one audience member on the Chicago lakefront is an outdoor theatre experience unlike any other.

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