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Chick Flick the Musical comes to The Royal George Theatre
Aug 2, 2016

Chick Flick The Musical Grab your friends and head out for an evening of humor, heart, and harmony as Chick Flick the Musical comes to The Royal George Theatre Cabaret, 1641 N. Halsted Street in Chicago. This uniquely female-positive new musical begins previews November 1, and opens November 10 for an open run.

Written by newcomer Suzy Conn (Suffra-Jets, The Mercer Girls) and directed by Mary Catherine Burke, Chick Flick the Musical delivers an evening of heartfelt female friendship and empowerment wrapped in the iconic conventions of chick flicks. With a cast of four and a live band, this original, 90-minute, no-intermission musical is the perfect girls' night out. Described in testimonials as "everything you loved about Friends mixed with everything you loved about Sex and the City," Chick Flick the Musical shows us characters and friendships that are both inspirational and aspirational -- audiences feel like they are watching themselves and their friends on stage.

So join BFFs Karen, Dawn, Sheila, and Meg as they get together to take the weight of daily life off their shoulders by watching a chick flick and playing their favorite drinking game. As the festivities proceed and the beverages flow, they each divulge how their lives haven't quite turned out the way they had hoped. When they view themselves with the same kindness, humor, and reverence that their friends do, they learn how to make real life better than the movies. Proving that "friendship is the best medicine" the four friends reignite the dreams that have dwindled over the years. Whether you're a fan of romantic comedies or teary sisterhood dramas, you'll recognize the delicious tidbits of life advice that chick flicks offer these four friends on their transformative journey of empowerment.

"You need that group of friends who will pull you back from the edge when you are about to jump off a cliff, and help you up the mountain when you're too afraid to climb," says writer Suzy Conn. "Movie quotes, makeover montages, and meet cutes have created a shared language and experience among women, and Chick Flick the Musical celebrates this phenomenon."

The quartet of Chicago-based cast members includes Landree Fleming as "Sheila," Marya Grandy as "Dawn," Sophie Grimm as "Meg," and Rebecca Prescott as "Karen."

The original, catchy, and upbeat pop score is brought to life by music supervisor Geraldine Anello with choreography by Tiffany Green. Vocal arrangements and orchestrations are by Frank Galgano and Matt Castle. This show is designed to make audiences feel like they are truly in Karen's living room, going through the characters' journey with them, with scenic design by Edward K. Ross, costume design by Hunter Kaczorowski, and lighting design by Jeff Croiter and Charles Cooper.

Chick Flick the Musical has been in development for four years and is produced by Tilted Windmills Theatricals. Managing Partner David Carpenter shares, "We are excited to be premiering in Chicagoland because it's a real theater town with great local talent and audiences that embrace new work, and it gives us the opportunity to reach as many women as possible who identify with the challenges of day-to-day life."

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