Hell in a Handbag Productions Announces The Golden Girls Meet The Skooby Don't Gang

Jul 6, 2024
The Golden Girls Meet The Skooby Don't Gang: The Mystery of the Haunted Bush presented by Hell In A

Hell in a Handbag Productions is pleased to conclude its 22nd season with the world premiere of The Golden Girls Meet The Skooby Don't Gang: The Mystery of The Haunted Bush, bringing together two beloved Handbag parodies in one chilling Halloween tale. The girls - Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia (and their whacky friends) - enlist the help of America's favorite 30-something teenage detectives to help solve a mystery in this all new episode written by Artistic Director David Cerda and directed by Frankie Leo Bennett. The Mystery of The Haunted Bush plays October 10 - November 3, 2024 on The Chopin Theatre Mainstage, 1543 W. Division St. in Chicago. 

Rose's (Ed Jones*) nephew Fred (Tyler Anthony Smith*) is coming for a visit with his amateur sleuth friends, Daffy (Liz Lesinski*), Velva (Caitlin Jackson*), Skaggy (Josh Kemper) and their dog Skooby (to be announced). While Rose is excited, she's also hiding the real motive for inviting them: she's being haunted by a big, scary bush - or is it a tree? There's seems to be some confusion about that.

Meanwhile, the Skooby gang is in awe of their idol and Sophia's (Ryan Oates*) best friend, Nancy Drew (Danne Taylor*), particularly Skaggy, who takes things a step further. Can the gang help the girls solve the mystery of the haunted bush before it devours Rose? Will Velva and Daffy reveal their special secret? Will Dorothy (David Cerda*), Blanche (Grant Drager*) and Sophia survive the spooky hijinks?

Join Miami's favorite roomies in a spine chillingly ridiculous tale, that combines Handbag's signature biting humor with a heart.

The production stars original cast members David Cerda*, Grant Drager*, Ed Jones* and Ryan Oates* as the Geriatric Fab Four, joined by Caitlin Jackson*, Josh Kemper, Elizabeth Lesinski*, Tyler Anthony Smith* as the Skooby Don't gang. Rounding out the cast are Michael S. Miller*, Scott Sawa* and Danne W. Taylor*. Additional casting to be announced

The production team includes Marcus Klein (Scenic Design), Madeline FeLauer (Costume Design), Liz Cooper (Lighting Designer), Danny Rockett (Sound Designer), Maggie Green (Props Designer), Syd Genco* (Make-Up Design), Keith Ryan* (Wig Design) and Veronica Kostka* (Stage Manager).

*Denotes Handbag Ensemble Member