Raven Theatre Presents the Chicago Premiere of Right To Be Forgotten

Jan 22, 2023
Raven Theatre in Chicago

Raven Theatre, Chicago's newest Equity-affiliated theatre, is pleased to continue its 40th Anniversary Season with the Chicago premiere of Right To Be Forgotten, Sharyn Rothstein's smart and timely story about human forgiveness in the age of the internet. Directed by Sarah Gitenstein, Right To Be Forgotten will play February 9 - March 26, 2023 in Raven's 85-seat East Stage, 6157 N. Clark St. (at Granville) in Chicago. 

The cast includes Lucy Carapetyan, Kroydell Galima, Susaan Jamshidi, Kelsey Elyse Rodriguez, Adam Shalzi and Jamila Tyler.

The internet never forgets, and Derril Lark's mistake at 17 haunts him online a decade later. Desperate for a normal life, he goes to extraordinary lengths to erase his indiscretion. But freedom of information is a big business, and the tech companies aren't going down without a fight. Secrets, lies and political backstabbing abound in this riveting new drama about one man's fierce battle to reclaim his privacy by Primus Prize winning playwright Sharyn Rothstein (By the Water, Northlight Theatre).

Comments Director Sarah Gitenstein, "As the internet continues to record our personal narrative, from social media to the cloud, we must grapple with the concept that our memory, however subjective, has become permanent. Who we were and mistakes we may have made are cataloged, searchable and available for reinvestigation. But what if that could change? The European Union has recently legislated The Right to be Forgotten, an act that allows individuals to request the removal of personal information from search engines. But in the American constitutional system, where freedom of speech is protected, such an act is nearly impossible to adopt. So, what happens to people who want to escape the new digital permanence of memory? I'm excited to dig into these questions and ideas as we start work on Sharyn Rothstein's nuanced take on the inescapable impact the internet has on our lives."

The production team includes Jeffrey D. Kmiec (Scenic Designer), Finnegan Chu (Costume Designer), Liz Gomez (Lighting Designer), Eric Backus (Sound Designer), Ivy Treccani (Props Designer), Reese Craig and Liviu Pasare (Projection Designers), Sarah Slight (Dramaturg), Nora Geffen (Assistant Dramaturg), Catherine Miller (Casting Director), Mia Thomas (Assistant Costume Designer), Tor Campbell (Assistant Director), Lorenzo Blackett (Production Manager), Alan Weusthoff (Technical Director), Rose Johnson (Scenic Artist), Mark Brown (Master Electrician), James Chapman (Stage Manager) and Shana Gordon (Assistant Stage Manager).