The Trance Returns to The Edge Theatre with Riding the Bicycle

Jun 8, 2021
Riding The Bicycle by The Trance at Edge Theatre

The Trance returns to the stage with its world premiere production of Riding the Bicycle. The life of Ella, a young bisexual woman, is chronicled in this play of truly divided mind. Ella confronts two worlds simultaneously throughout the production as she inhabits dual realities. She is the pivot point throughout the production as she engages in two scenes simultaneously in a living metaphor for her divided sexuality. "There are two voices inside my head, working on this piece," says Trance Artistic Director Maggie Veach, "the director and the writer. I have a constant struggle with my dual creative identities as an artist. Ella also struggles, not just in her own dual nature but in her relationships. This play is a contradiction and convergence of opposing thoughts and desires."

Riding the Bicycle was originally slated to be produced in 2020 but was postponed due to Covid.

Of returning to doing live theatre Veach offers, "The feeling you get when the orchestra tunes and the curtain is about to rise, that's the feeling of going back to the theatre. It's the thrill and swell of not quite tuned instruments converging and then finding harmony once again."

The production is a tour-de-force for the actress playing the lead role of Ella, Sydney Genco. She never leaves the stage throughout the play and must maintain two opposing scenes simultaneously throughout. Genco brings a depth of experience to the role having been in many productions throughout Chicago for more than a decade.

Tickets can be purchased on-line at or at the theatre beginning one hour before each performance.