A Red Orchid presents Missed Connections

Jan 19, 2021
A Red Orchid Theatre - Missed Connections

 A Red Orchid Theatre presents Missed Connections, a live, interactive play with magic, conceived for virtual experience, co-written by Jon Tai & Alex Gruhin, performed by magician Jon Tai, and produced by Alex Gruhin. Missed Connections runs February 2-February 28, 2021.

Missed Connections is an intimate and immersive evening of story and magic where things imagined become real and connection is possible through the shared experience of wonder. The play, a magician's cosmic love story inspired by the work of Haruki Murakami, Marshall McLuhan and Derren Brown, takes 25 audience members on a roundtrip voyage to the stars in search of the invisible thread that connects them all.

Tickets for the virtual production, $25, are now available at A Red Orchid Theatre's website www.aredorchidtheatre.org.

"Missed Connections is not a passive viewing experience, a livestream or a virtual magic show," says A Red Orchid's Artistic Director Kirsten Fitzgerald. "It is a totally unique theatrical event, designed for a new performing arts media landscape, enabled by and co-created with its audience on a performance-by-performance basis. Missed Connections is intimate and seemingly impossible and completely original - exactly the type of work that A Red Orchid is all about. We are thrilled to share this cutting-edge piece of theater with our community."

From Magician Jon Tai: "In Missed Connections, I ask audience members to join me in taking a leap into the strange unknown, to explore the complexities of fate and discover the universe's most beautiful magic trick of all. I cannot wait to forge connections with audiences in Chicago and around the world."

Co-Author/Producer Alex Gruhin: "Missed Connections is a love letter to the future of the performing arts.  We are so excited to partner with Chicago's intrepid, innovative A Red Orchid Theatre to launch its pioneering mission across the universe."