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The Nuts and Bolts Of The Future: Looking Back on R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)

R.U.R. Rossum's Universal RobotsThey're all over the headlines today, these robots, even making the cover of Time magazine. To be sure, the automated semi-mobile support staff of today-discounting the old-school androids used in photographs accompanying the aforementioned headlines-bear little similarity to their Hollywood predecessors: Robby in Forbidden Planet, Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still, R2-D2 and C-3PO in Star.... Read More


Jeff Awards 2013 Equity Nominations Announced

Jeff Awards 2013 Equity NominationsFive world premiere plays and three new adaptations seen first by Chicago audiences received Jeff nominations by the Jeff Awards Committee and are among the 166 nominations in 36 categories announced for Chicago Equity theatrical productions opened between August 1, 2012 and July 31, 2013.

Luis Alfaro's "Mojada," a reimagining of Euripides' Medea transported to Chicago's Pilsen.... Read More


Enchanted Wisteria: Flowering Garden in Enchanted April

Enchanted April - Idle Muse TheatreThe magic words in Patrick Barber's adaptation of Elizabeth Von Arnim's Enchanted April are "sunshine and wisteria"— the romantic prospect thereof spurring four Englishwomen to flee the gloom of their native Hampstead in 1922 for an Italian holiday that will forever change their lives. Wisteria is no domesticated back-yard bloom, however, but sturdy-trunked garden foliage demanding very.... Read More


Bad Cops Finish First: Danny Goldring Plays All Sides of the Law

Danny GoldringIf you're a fan of cops-and-robbers shows, you've probably seen Danny Goldring, whose recruiting-poster appearance has earned him a resume replete with flatfoot-in-patrol-cars and gumshoe-in-precinct-room roles not unlike the one he currently occupies as Detective Vince Getz in Keith Huff's spoof of hard-boiled noir, Big Lake Big City, at Lookingglass Theatre.

"For some reason,.... Read More


Dancing With Pythons: Creating Kaa in The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Goodman TheatreThere are the parade lions at Chinese New Year celebrations, of course, and the wind-sock whales in outdoor productions of Moby Dick. Just recently, audiences had an opportunity to pet wood-and-fabric foxes in The Iron Stag King and gawk at an LED-studded dragon in She Kills Monsters. On a grander scale, Chicago has seen horses and even elephants.... Read More


A Flood Of Protest: Hydrospectacle in Oracle Theatre's Waiting for Lefty

Waiting for Lefty ChicagoIt's not as if Chicago audiences had never seen stage precipitation before. Steppenwolf's rain machine received almost as much press as its actors throughout the 1990s, and just last year, The Hypocrites' Fall of the House of Usher featured the title mansion springing leaks like a shotgun shack in Florida.

What distinguishes the spectacle in.... Read More


Swashbuckler Noir: A Three Musketeers for Adults

Three Musketeers Lifeline TheatreThe playbill assures us that this is The Three Musketeers, but the trio of military lifers and the young civilian seeking to join their ranks are not the familiar Anglo-Norman cavaliers of Hollywood romps and candy-bar logos. Granting that even in the 17th century, it was possible to find Frenchmen with faces revealing African or Asian ancestors,.... Read More


Staring Into The Glass: Mary-Arrchie Theatre's Glass Menagerie

The Glass MenagerieWhether you've seen The Glass Menagerie a hundred times before or only in the textbook, you are unprepared for the spectacle that greets you in this production. First you notice the glass—a dazzling array of bottles, decanters, urns, flasks and goblets, stacked on the stairs, lined up against the walls, assembled in delicately-balanced towers—in short, everywhere you.... Read More


My Kingdom For A Harley! Biker-themed Richard III at The Den

Richard III at The DenThe concept is irresistible! The royal court in Shakespeare's Richard III envisioned as a roadhouse where rival motorcycle gangs (distinguished by the white and red roses displayed on their riding gear) wrestle for power—none more ruthlessly than the scheming Richard of Gloucester, himself. This analogy is not as bizarre as it may seem: wherever you have veterans.... Read More


2013 Non-Equity Jeff Awards Recipients

Jeff Awards in ChicagoA stage tale of troubled families, a true-life story musical about gay servicemen in World War II and a rousing rock'n'roll revue took home top honors Monday, June 3, at Park West during the 40th Annual Non-Equity Jeff Awards ceremony recognizing excellence in non-union Chicago theatre.

Circle Theatre in Oak Park and Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre in.... Read More


Eric and Andy Live From The Jeff Awards

Live From The Jeff AwardsEric Roach and Anderson Lawfer, interviewers for TheatreInChicago, will be holding a "Red Carpet" style event from the Park West Theater at the 40th annual Joseph Jefferson Awards on June 3rd, 2013 that will be streamed live and can be seen right here at

The production will be handled by Brad Little and Ben Fuchsen from Oracle Theatre.... Read More


Million Dollar Quartet Becomes Longest Running Musical in Chicago's History

Million Dollar Quartet ChicagoMillion Dollar Quartet announced that Saturday, May 25, 2013 marks the official date at which it becomes the longest-running musical production in Chicago's history. With 1,949 performances and 5 smash years in Chicago, the Tony Award-winning rock 'n' roll musical has surpassed both Wicked and Pumpboys and Dinettes, setting a new.... Read More


Who Was That Lady? The Statue's Secret in Creditors

Creditors Remy Bumppo TheatreThe Remy Bumppo Theatre Company proved itself adept at smashing crockery in 2011 with their production of Edward Albee's The Goat, Or Who Is Sylvia. Two years later, statuary once again plays a role in David Greig's adaptation of August Strindberg's psychological thriller, Creditors—specifically, a faceless nude odalisque made in the image of the sculptor's wife, the.... Read More


In The Belly Of The Whale: Full-Body Makeover in Samuel D. Hunter's The Whale

The Whale Victory Gardens TheaterWhen we first see Charlie, he gives his weight as somewhere between 500 and 600 lbs. If this were merely a few extra pounds, a few extra layers of clothing—some of them quilted or waffle-textured, perhaps—would be the solution. For localized corpulence (think Falstaff or Fezziwig), a leotard lined with foam rubber would do the trick. In Samuel.... Read More


2013 Non-Equity Jeff Award Nominations Announced

Jeff AwardsThe Jeff Awards Committee announced 120 nominations in 25 categories of Non-Equity Jeff Awards for productions that opened between April 1, 2012, and March 31, 2013. The Non-Equity Awards honor excellence in Chicago theatres not under a union contract. Jeff judges attended opening nights of 146 productions offered by 65 Non-Equity producing organizations. The judges recommended 54 of.... Read More


Revising The Gospels: Finding Faith in The Book of Mormon

Book Of Mormon ChicagoNo one can deny the success of The Book of Mormon—the runaway hit musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, that is. The irony is that it isn't really about the gospel according to the Church of Latter-Day Saints. To understand why, it is necessary to look at the evolution of religious sects in general.

.... Read More


Rock-And-Roll Will Never Die: Smokey Joe's Cafe Appeal Crosses Generations

Smokey Joe's Cafe Royal George Theatre ChicagoThere are some who declare that Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote the Rock-and-Roll songbook—or the first few chapters, at least—but nobody guessed that an evening of top-40 songs dating from the mid-20th century would prove so popular that Theo Ubique would be turning away customers after a run of nearly three months. Granted, the award-winning company has.... Read More


Skin Deep: Tattoos in TimeLine's Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West

Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant WestHe is a Japanese ricksha driver, his body tattooed in blue and green and purple, and we can't take our eyes off him. This is because the other two characters onstage—a Gilded-Age American matron and a sybaretic expatriate photographer—are likewise riveted by his exotic body decoration, their shared curiosity drawing our gaze in his direction. Since we in.... Read More


The Midas Gun: Golden Weapon in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad ZooEven sharing the stage with flying topiary animals and the ghost of a dead tiger, it commands our attention immediately: a gold-plated Desert Eagle .44 caliber semi-automatic pistol, alleged to have belonged to Uday Hussein—Saddam's playboy son—and looted by American troops during the invasion on the dictator's palace. The distinctive firearm is then passed from one owner to.... Read More


Broadway in Chicago Announces Fall Season

Broadway In Chicago 2013 SeasonBroadway In Chicago has announced the upcoming 2013 fall season line-up. Broadway In Chicago's 2013 fall season will include BUDDY, FLASHDANCE, TO MASTER THE ART, EVITA, ONCE and ELF. The 2013 fall off-season specials include Emerald City Theatre's production of THE CAT IN THE HAT, WE WILL ROCK YOU and the return of Broadway's biggest blockbuster, WICKED.Read More


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