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  My Life Is A Country Song Reviews
My Life Is A Country Song
My Life Is A Country Song

My Life Is A Country Song
New American Folk Theatre at Chief O'Neill's
Thru - Nov 21, 2019

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New American Folk Theatre at Chief O'Neill's

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Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended

"...The elements are there for a good yarn: a relatable problem, potentially interesting country-song characters (shrill, Bible-thumping little sis, kindly neighbor, hard-drinking ex), a southern setting (Greenville, South Carolina, circa 1980). But Whitaker's characters fall flat, his story barely moves, and when it does, it's in awkward forward lurches."
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Jack Helbig

Chicagoland Musical Theatre- Somewhat Recommended

"...New American Folk Theatre endeavors to manifest an entertaining Americana experience in a thrillingly unorthodox space. My Life is a Country Song thrives on its simple yet lively tunes, yet it suffers from the overindulgent saccharine of its script. Tight quarters of the space lead to interconnectivity between audience and cast, as it gives rise to interesting solutions from a creative production team; although, the direction of the piece exists in argument with the parameters of the architecture."
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Quinn Rigg

Chicago Theater and Arts- Highly Recommended

"...The cast of actor/musicians is wonderful but this is the playwright's success. Whitaker who wrote the book, music and lyrics is evidently a very good listener because this is a story about the experiences of women which he has composed with great compassion and apparent understanding."
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Reno Lovison

Storefront Rebellion- Somewhat Recommended

"...There's some spark in Whitaker's idea here, along with some amusing jokes about small-town Southern life, and the women in the cast of this bare-bones staging offer appealing performances. Combs's Donna is a protagonist worth rooting for, and Steele, Dudley and Irving provide winning support. (Jackson, as the obvious villain, doesn't stand a chance of winning us over.) I'll consider My Life a work in progress; the bones of a catchy tune are here, but the hook needs a little more work."
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Kris Vire