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  Mosquitoes Reviews

Steep Theatre
Thru - Nov 16, 2019

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Steep Theatre

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Chicago Tribune- Recommended

"...The result is a night of theater for those who like some aesthetic heft and intellectual juice before they pay to perch themselves on a pretty hard chair for two hours and forty minutes."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...The wonderful Thalken seems to understand this the best out of the cast; her throwaway insults carry a sting the more harsh the less full-throatedly she speaks them. Julia Siple may simply be too much of a powerhouse for that kind of delicacy. Her performance contains some of the rawest intensity of any acting I've seen, either at this very special theater, now beginning its first season as an Equity company, or anywhere."
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Max Maller

Chicago On the Aisle- Highly Recommended

"...Alice and Jenny are sisters in name only, or so it might seem, in Lucy Kirkwood’s play “Mosquitoes,” now on fascinating exhibit at Steep Theatre. Alice is a physicist, an acorn fallen not far from the twin oaks of her father (deceased) and her mother (still living). Jenny is not a physicist; she probably couldn’t spell the word. Funny, the binding power of blood."
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Lawrence B. Johnson

Around The Town Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...This was my first time going to STEEP Theatre, and I lived in Edgewater for 12 years. I did not know what to expect from a small 50 seat store front theatre. With a Play called Mosquitoes I was prepared for a play dealing with the jungle, instead I dealt with a hard, fast paced drama of two sisters who collide harder than the Hadron Collider. This U.S. premier drama centers around two sisters completely opposite in every way. And Kirkwood bombards us with so many ideas and emotions that you leave as thou you were the one inside the Bern Collider. Even the set design makes you feel that your part of the experiment that took place between 2008 to 2012."
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Frank Meccia

Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...No lighthearted, frivolous comedy this, Steep's new production opens its 19th season with an offering for the serious theatergoer. At almost three hours, with intermission, Lucy Kirkwood's drama is like an overstuffed baked potato: it's a story chocked full of facts and fiction. It can be a test of the patience for some, but for those who enjoy a challenging play, and give it their undivided attention, the rewards are great."
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Colin Douglas Somewhat Recommended

"...And finally we have a character playing that elusive subatomic particle, Bosun. Played by Lyn Evans, Bosum steps in at transition points, including one that arrives following a scene that I was thinking would be the end of Act II. Evans seems to loudly declaim all of Bosun's lines, which erased whatever power Kirkwood might have intended for them. The character is also a metaphorical stylization that added nothing but length to Mosquitoes."
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Bill Esler

Third Coast Review- Recommended

"...Lucy Kirkwood's play at Steep Theater, a U.S. premiere with crisp direction by Jaclynn Jutting, gives us alternating scenes of family drama. Two women, tied only by siblinghood, deal with varieties of trauma. The science of Mosquitoes is always exciting, if sometimes obscure. (The director's note in the playbill is helpful.) The family drama, which could be a play on its own, flows urgently from pregnancy, death, missing children, and other disasters. Mosquitoes is overstuffed with science and nonscience, ideas real and imaginary, and a complex personal plot. For theatergoers with an interest in science and a bit of patience (the play runs 2.45 hours with one intermission), this is an intriguing but challenging theater experience."
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Nancy Bishop

Storefront Rebellion- Recommended

"...Even the Higgs Boson particle appears, personified (played by Richard Costes), to hint at the big picture. Disease-spreading mosquitoes, which live and die in days, kill a million human beings a year; human beings, which are as mosquitoes to the universe, are doing our best to kill our own environment; a social embarrassment, to a teenager, can feel as momentous as the heat death of the universe. Director Jaclynn Jutting's even-handed production keeps both the macro and micro relatable."
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Kirs Vire

Picture This Post- Highly Recommended

"...Mosquitoes is a top pick for anyone who loves new original works and metaphor rich scripts overflowing with creativity. If you are a seasoned Steep fan who expects superlative acting this performance will not disappoint."
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Amy Munice