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  Methtacular Reviews

16th Street Theater at Berwyn Cultural Center
Thru - Apr 4, 2020

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16th Street Theater at Berwyn Cultural Center

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Chicago Sun Times- Highly Recommended

"...Written by Strafford and directed by Adam Fitzgerald, "Methtacular" (which 16th Street Theater is streaming for ticket holders) is an unusual and riveting beast. It works well on a small screen, in part because it's a hyperintimate show. The stage is mostly bare but for Strafford. There are no epic vistas to capture, no elaborate sets writ small."
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Catey Sullivan

Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...In these days of enforced isolation, maybe a solo show about addiction seems a perilous entertainment choice for some. But Strafford, who beat his meth demon by what he can only describe as luck (though he admits he will never get over wanting to do drugs), offers a surprisingly sweet and hopeful conclusion for anyone stuck at home, looking at themselves in the mirror: there is nothing wrong with you."
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Kerry Reid

Around The Town Chicago- Highly Recommended

"..."Methtacular" is a funny piece but one that gets deep into the life of a young actor who finds himself away from home, living a life that he dreamt of, but never truly experienced until the drugs allowed him to proceed. Strafford hold nothing back. He talks about his loved and losses. We meet his mother ( by video) and while he is alone on the stage for almost 90 minutes, we know that the characters who made his life both pleasant and miserable are on the stage with him. The music is by various writers ( including Strafford himself) and the piano is handled by William TN Hall, who is offstage."
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago On Stage- Highly Recommended

"...Methtacular is, of course, available only on video. As a one-man show, though, it transfers to that medium with ease. We lose none of its nuance, and the talented Strafford is an accomplished storyteller. Harrowing as his story may be, it is entertaining, educational, and unforgettable."
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Karen Topham