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Meatball Seance
Meatball Seance

Meatball Seance
Mary's Attic
Thru - Apr 6, 2017

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Mary's Attic

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Windy City Times- Recommended

"...Shy playgoers need not fear the kind of interactive aggression found at, say, Tony and Tina's Wedding. Volunteer duties are restricted to such line-cook chores as chopping greens, tending hibachi and a modicum of PG-13 flirting, all proceeding only after Michael obtains the appropriate consent. This is no exercise in coy-and-campy posturing either, despite the geekiness of the persona evoked by its author, but a parable with a lesson to be learned from Mom's failure to manifest—even when granted the convenience of a willing medium—that sends us home elated and eager for a late-night snack."
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Mary Shen Barnidge